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You make me smile

In the beginning of all crushes, you want to tell the other person how they make you smile. It can be from the conversations you enjoy, their personality, or the aspirations you share of the world. In You Make Me Smile..., we enter into the world of crushes wrapped up in pure happiness from emotional attachment. That's why it's important to discuss what keeps you smiling. After writing one of these letters, you will feel relieved that you've shared such precious information about yourself to someone you like. You Make Me Smile... is the first step in letting someone know how much they brighten your day.

Dear [Insert Name],

Something about your smile keeps me up in the middle of night. I know that we're friends, but it's something I have to tell you because I think of you so much. I can remember the first time we played [insert a game that created intimacy] and we [kissed/hugged] in [insert month]. All I could think about is why did you do it. Why did you let me [kiss or hug] you that [day or night]? What were you feeling that allowed yourself to give me such intimacy? I'm curious because it keeps lingering in the back of my mind and heart when I see you.

Your smile keeps me driving into a different mode when we're together. Our conversations are about the simplest, yet most complicated things about the world like swimming in a deep blue sea, climbing a mountain, kayaking in a clear stream, or moving to distant lands. It's just incredible. The things you want to accomplish are shown in the way you approach the world. I want to be a part of your adventures as well as your life. If you give me a chance to do it, we can work our way through both of our fears to experience these adventures. All I ask for is one chance to get to know the reason why you smile so brightly...

Your friend,

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