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Examples of valentine SMS

Only 8 letters within 3 words that can describe how I feel … I love you

Keep me close, your heart is warm, at the glance of your beautiful eyes I know that I'm not alone

I remember your touch, kiss, and hugs.. but, I'm 2 close to this kind of luv

If I was to die 2morrow, I would not mind becuz U luv me now I've lived a lifetime

U make me smile, U make me cry, U make me think… this is where I want to be

When I close my eyes, I can see U looking at me. That's when Iknu we were meant to B.

R is for red, Red is for hearts, hearts are for love, and you are the spark.

The sun was brite 2day. The moon was brite 2nite. When will u let me b ur shining knight?

Ur love is 2 much to hold, so I pour it across the world so they know how blessed I am to luv u.

I wished upon a star that you would kiss me tonight, but it's too soon because your love is my guiding light.