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Forgive me:
I changed my mind

Ever felt like you made the wrong decision because you loved someone too much? I Changed My Mind love letters are for individuals trying to make the right decision. To love or not to love. To hurt or not to hurt. Once you make up your mind, you can tell your spouse what happens after this very moment. In I Changed My Mind, you let them know how you feel completely. Stop running, hiding, and forcing yourself to stay in a position you do not want to remain in. It's your life and it's okay to change your mind about love. It's not easy.

Dear [Insert Name],

It's been a while since I spoke to you through a letter. And honestly, this letter will be short and straight to the point. I'm not in love with you anymore. I'm not in the mood for nonsense in a relationship and you seek drama. You constantly argue, fuss, and accuse me of cheating on you. If I wanted to cheat, I would not have been with you. You have made me a feel like a victim and it's not what I want in a lover. I've changed my mind about the love I want from you.

I want real love that's going to be there and remain supportive through the bad times. I can't understand why I have to find comfort in my friends instead of my lover. I never have a chance to breathe when you're up under me, reading my texts, and calling my friends to see what I'm doing. If you don't trust me, I suggest you leave me because I don't have time to run in a corner when you feel insecure. Think about how happy we were in the beginning. You're giving me very little room to grow with you. I've changed my mind.. and my heart is changing its direction. I need you to get on the same page or we have to let this go.

We keep going in circles trying to find an answer that doesn't exist. We are the answers to the questions we're concerned about for love. But, we have to fight for our relationship together. What good is it for me to pour my soul into you when you're drying my well completely?

Love should be happy, not hurting my soul.

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