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Fill in the blank love letters

The following letter is perfect for a friend trying to win the heart of another friend. In most of our relationships, we meet someone who makes us feel complete. The friend offers an open heart, time, and love in bad times. We love these friends in a different mindset than others. These friends are the ones who provide sanity in an insane world. These friends are our backbones to stand against the worst situations. If you have a friend that provides this kind of love, this letter could open their eyes to see how important they are to you. It may even help in explaining your emotions to see if they feel the same way.


Dear [Insert Name],

I can not tell you how important our relationship is and where I would like it to go. Although we have been friends for the last [month or few years], I feel there is a real connection between us.

We like the same music, foods, and enjoy the same entertainment when we spend time together. Do you feel there is a chance that we can be together in the future? Sorry to seem so forward. I am very thankful to know someone like you. Sometimes I wonder if you feel the same about me when we are together. You [insert what the other does, e.g. hold my hand, talk to me with care, listen to everything I have to say] and it is an amazing feeling to get such [insert what you receive, e.g. attention, affection, etc.].

Why do yo make me feel this way? You are always [insert what they always do, e.g. listen, defend me, offer support] when I need it. And I do the same for you. If you think we can move forward, could you please let me know what's on your mind? I want to learn more about you - your fears, aspirations, and passions. I want to listen to your heartbeat at night before I go to bed. I hear your voice in my head when things are going rough.

I think you are an amazing [man or woman] that could change my life forever. You can trust in me. You can allow me into your heart to love you completely. I am not hear to try and hurt you because you are a wonderful friend. I just want to share my world with you - and I hope you feel the same.

We have both experienced the trials of fractured love. We have helped each other heal from the craziness others brought into our lives. Let's take a chance and make each other happy.

I love you, [insert Name]. Thank you for being you.

[Sign Your Name]

Fill In The Blank Love Letter

The following love letter is perfect for a one year anniversary with your spouse. The letter outlines common issues many people experience the first year including triumph over drama, making new friends, keeping promises, and developing a life with your loved one. The importance of this fill in the blank love letter is opening communications before the first anniversary. This letter touches on issues you may have thought about during the first year of your relationship. A lot of people have an issue of accepting their mate's flaws in the beginning then adjusting or creating a common ground for a successful relationship. In this letter, feel free to add the details pertaining to your relationship which will explain how you feel and what you would like in the future.


Dear [Insert Name],

Can you believe it has been a year since we started this relationship? I was looking over my calendar at work and realized how close we are to 12 months. Then I started thinking about how things were in the beginning. We had a lot of friends, drama, and more drama - which was crazy in my opinion. Our friends and drama made us closer. We kept our guards up to make sure they did not ruin what we wanted. Now, we have reached the first milestone of love - our first year anniversary.

I am so thankful to have a [boyfriend/girlfriend] like you. You make my world simple. We do not have as much drama as our friends added to the mix. We have love. We have faith and trust in each other. Many of my friends have realized this and it has helped me understand our situation. The first year was the year of figuring out who you were. And I must say you have impressed me. You are not the same [man/woman] I spoke to last year. You have grown into a beautiful [soul/friend] that I can see by my side for many years to come.

Do you feel the same? I wonder if you knew it was our first anniversary. Our lives have changed so much since we became one. You make me feel as if I am the luckiest [man/woman] walking this earth. The love you fill my life with is refreshing to my soul. Although you keep me on my toes, the experience is one of a lifetime. I never would have thought you could be such a wonderful person behind your [insert color] eyes. Thank you for being mine and sticking around for our first year. I wish to stand with you for many more in our future.

My beautiful love,

[Sign your name]

Fill In The Blank Love Letter

The following love letter sets the scene for an adventurous couple. An adventurous couple travels the world together, try new foods or hobbies together, and learn new things everyday. With such excitement in this kind of relationship, the flame is always there and you are always searching for the next learning experience. This letter gives someone the opportunity to let go of the usual adventure and appreciate the present moment with their mate.

Dear [Name],

How many years have you jumped from one continent to another? Or visited one breath-taking scene to the next without fully appreciating it? I think we are on the verge of following a routine of new and exciting. The constant adventures are breaking the monotony I have experienced in my past. I know that you see it in my face when we see some of the greatest wonders of the world. How can I thank you for so much in so little time? I knew that you were the one when we first met.

Your sense of adventure intrigues me as well as captured my full attention. I am thankful to have a [man/woman] who enjoys the beauty our world has to offer. Did you know it was one of the best attributes of your character? You appreciate invaluable moments and it makes me appreciate you even more. I love the way we are growing together. The incredible conversations, trips, and dates in exotic places is just too overwhelming with a common mind. You have helped me expand my horizons in so little time. At this very moment, I am thinking of your smile and what lies ahead.

Will we be this way forever? Will we settle down into a home with a foundation? The adventures are amazing, but I want to create a solid home with you. I love you.

Please stay the same throughout our days together. I know that we will change in the future, but let's change together. Let's stay in the moment of what we have... and work on the future we want. We can do anything we want to do if we keep ourselves on the same accord. I know that you will be there with me.

My sweet friend,

[sign your name here]