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Forgive me:
I understand that you want more

Are you experiencing a void in your relationship? Sometimes the worse situations turn into the best when things are understood on both sides.

I understand that you want more is for the lover realizing their partner wants to explore their relationship deeper. Understanding your partner's needs can help increase the security of the relationship. Provide more so you can keep them in your life - if you really want to be with that person.

Hey [Insert Name],

Do you remember our discussion about the time we spend together? You work many hours and I'm always at the studio working on my next masterpiece. I know that my art draws my attention away from home quite often, but you're going through the same scenario as I am. We're both pursuing our life-long dreams without thinking of the other. I put time aside from my work to come home to cook dinner, clean up, and wash our clothes. When was the last time you did the same? I ask my boss for days off so I can stay home with you - you have never done that. And it makes me wonder what's going on in our relationship. Do you feel more obligated to your job than our relationship? If so, I think that my priorities are mixed up completely. We should have the same obligation to one another than we do to our professions. And just for the record, I've always put you first.

You want me to do so much for you, but I can put in as much effort as you. We need to take some time to figure out if this is what we want. You want more than what I can offer. And I want more than you're willing to give. There's no balance between the expectations of our lives and our careers. I expect to succeed in my relationship with you more than my career.

And I would like the same consideration. On the same note, why am I placing your love ahead of my career? And you're not concerned of how I feel about our relationship growing. To me, this is a big hoax and true love should not require such disdain for the other lover. I understand that you want more, but you'll have to give more to receive it. Think about it and let me know when you're ready for that sacrifice.

I love you, but I can't give myself for nothing in return.

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