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Example of valentine day card

Valentine Day cards* with significant, personal letters can make anyone's day. The generic content opens up your lover's eyes, but it does not make them cry. If you want to touch the heart of your lover, write a short Valentine Day letter within their Valentine Day card to draw them closer to you. Valentine Day cards are only the beginning of what joy you can instill in your lover's heart. Our example provides a real relationship card that a reader provided to her lover. You can use the content to create one of your own.

Dear [Insert name],

You keep me on my toes and sometimes it hurts. The love you give is unprecedented and justly affectionate. You are an amazing young [woman or man] and I'm grateful to have you in my life. I know that you're not a big fan of chocolates, teddy bears, and valentine cards but I found one that explains the way you make me feel. I hope you enjoy this card and consider it a small token of my appreciation for your dedication. You're the only [woman or man] that made me feel like I was worth a billion dollars. And it's truly invaluable compared to the love we share when you're together. I hope you enjoy our first Valentine's Day and wish for me just as I have.

Thank you and I love you,

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*Valentine Day Card Tip: Spray a small sprit of your cologne or perfume on the card so your lover can smell you.