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Examples :: Love Letters :: I am going through a few things

Forgive me:
I'm going through a few things

The craziest issues of a relationship can surface from personal issues. We begin to withdraw from our lover to find ourselves.. then it gets out of hand. The lack of communication, nights of loneliness arrive, and we stop showing affection. At this point of a relationship, we have to take a step back and recognize the problems drawing us in different directions. This example of a forgiveness letter requesting space is for couples experiencing these issues. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little space, but there is a problem with withdrawal without explanation.

Dear [Insert Name],

Please stop crying when you look at me. I'm not cheating or lying to you right now - I'm really going through something. We keep talking about the same issues, but I don't see any changes. We keep going in the same direction - no changes. What are we doing? Love me the way I want you to love me because I give you my all. I want us to start over with a new relationship; a new beginning wouldn't hurt if we could forget all the pain. It's like you are such a sweetheart when you want to be. Why is it so hard for you to be sweet all the time? I want someone with consistency. We can't continue doing this craziness due to our past. I'm thinking, hurting, and crying when you don't call me back. Am I being selfish? Am I wanting too much from you? Let me know so I can stop feeling like this.

What could possibly keep you away from me for so long? I pull away from you when you stop talking to me. I pull away because I feel like you're cheating on me or lying to my face. The only issue we resolve is when it comes to intimate moments like sex. We don't need to talk about our sex life. We need to talk about OUR life which includes our [insert responsibilities such as kids, bills, love, relationship]. Nothing keeps me on my toes other than your shyness or cleverness when you talk to someone on the phone. We can go through this a million times, but why should I keep going through this with you? Maybe it's my insecurities but sometimes I have reasons to stay away from you. I don't know. It's possibly me or it's us. Tell me what's going on with you then I can tell you everything I can.

I love you and I need us to fix this.

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