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I never knew

A first anniversary is the next step in acknowledging your partner for sticking with you for one year. Imagine all of the changes you have experienced in one year: you met their family, you learned all of their likes and dislikes, you traveled together, you cooked for one another, you have went shopping and realized their taste, and you felt great about learning all of these things about your partner. I New Knew.. love letters are used to discuss the things you did not learn about your partner in the first year. For some relationships, the partners did not meet each other's families, travel, cook their favorite foods, or discussed dislikes and likes.

Dear [Insert Name],

We have been together for one whole year now and I was curious of why I have never met your parents. You talk about them as if they are the greatest aspects of your life, but I have never had the opportunity to meet them face to face. I wonder why we have made it this far without taking a trip to see them. Is there something you are trying to hide from me? Why have we traveled so many places, but never took the time to see the important people of your life?

Sometimes I wonder if you have a secret lingering in the back of your mind. Maybe we should take some time off this [insert a season] to see them when we have vacation time. I would not mind meeting your younger sister and brother you talk about every night. I want to know why your eyes light up when you talk about them. I want them to meet me.. I hope that I am the love of your life. Some thing about the first year makes me feel that we should take that step soon. You have spent time with my mother twice and she adores you very much. Do you think your mother will accept me as well?

I don't know what your response will be to this letter, but I want to plan a trip to meet these incredible individuals. If they made you into the [man or woman] you are, I want to thank them face to face for having you. For our first year to be so exciting, the world is waiting for us to take another chance. It is the chance of opening your life up to me as I have done for you. If I have not held back, you should let down your guards and let me in. We have a lot to learn from one another and a lot of growth to experience in this lifetime.

I love you very much and I hope that I can meet your parents soon.

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