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How can we spend more time together?

The world's demands are increasing and lovers are falling a part due to their lack of time spent together. After the first year anniversary, the love improves or decreases based on how intimate lovers remain with busy schedules.

The best thing to do is write a love letter to your spouse asking them to compromise some of their outside responsibilities to spend time with you. It is a sacrifice to make if it involves work or family; they should be willing to make time for you because they love you - not because you had to ask. In your love letter, remain gentle and do not demand their attention. Inform them of your feelings of neglect then ask for more time.. you will be surprised of how well they will understand your needs.

Hi Stranger,

I really miss you and I know that it's not our fault for our schedules. I just wish we could spend some more time together because I feel like I'm losing you to work. We even find ourselves running around in circles wondering what you're doing while I'm not home. Even worse, we're not talking like we used to in the beginning. Just because we have spent a year together does not give us the right to forget about the fundamentals or basics of love: open communication.

So, how can we spend more time together without sacrificing our careers? I know that you want me home more, but I also need you there too. There's no reason for me to go home alone. Only reason I go home is to get next to you after a long day. Maybe I'm asking for too much or too little, but I am asking. I need to feel close to you again or I might lose my mind. I wish we can go back to how things were before the success - simple. I'm sorry. I'm going through a lot of emotions when we don't talk for a long time. Let's try our best to rebuild our home by starting with each other.

It won't take long and it won't be hard if we really want it. And I really want to spend more of my time with you. Give me a call when you get this or you're on your way home.

I miss you and love you dearly,

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