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Forgive me
I tried to love you

Have you ever felt lost in a relationship? You are in love with someone who never appreciates the small things you do for them. Then you are caught in the mix of a triangle loving someone who loves someone else. These relationships occur everyday, but you can draw a line between hurt and love when you stand up against the person hurting you. I Tried To Love You... love letters are for spouses or lovers that want to tell their significant other that it's time to get their situation in order - or you are out the door. Our love letters give you a little direction to finish an argument your heart can't stand to fight any longer.

Dear [Insert Name],

This is getting out of hand. We don't talk anymore and you barely speak to me when we lie in bed. What good is it to be in the bed with someone who does not want me? I tried to love you with all I had to offer, but you're still pushing me away. I have not held anything back from you. I have not lied, cheated, or hurt you. So why are you treating me so badly? Do you feel that I owe you my soul because you said that you loved and wanted me? I can't stand the fact that you'll move day-by-day without working this out the right way. I need to talk to you and I want you to listen.

Please don't put this down. Read it all the way through because I have a lot on my mind. The way you keep me on my toes about our relationship is ridiculous. You should give me a little more credit regarding our love because I always do what you ask of me. If you want to love me the right way, it's time for us to go our separate ways. Just trust me. Give me time to think and then I'll try again the next time. I can look in your eyes and tell that you're not here, in this room, with us. If that's how it's going to be, it's time for us to let it go.

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