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I think you're an amazing person

Letters referring to a person's ability to comfort and allow confidence in a relationship are great. In these letters, they do not have to be for a spouse. - the letters can be for a friend in need of inspiration. I Think You're An Amazing Person.. is designed to open the eyes of both people to see what keeps their relationship or friendship together.

Be sure to highlight deep examples that will show a person how important they are to your life. It is okay to pinpoint numerous occasions, but it's best to discuss examples that caused a heartfelt reaction when it occurred. It should cause the same reaction when they realize you remember what they did for you. In I Think You're An Amazing Person... take into account the love you received from that person and explain to them how much you appreciate them in your life.

Dear [Insert Name],

I can't figure you out on the worst days we spend together. You never have shown weakness or backed away from me when it's time for us to get work done. I appreciate how hard you work for our relationship and I think you're an amazing person. I can never forget the day you offered to [insert one important thing this person did for you that you can never forget]. It was a life-changing experience because no one was there when I needed them the most.

Do you remember what you said when I asked you to do it for me? You said [insert what their reply was to you]. I expected you to say [insert what you thought they would say to you], but you didn't. You told me the truth and I never felt so appreciative for someone explaining it to me the way you did. As a friend, I thought you would turn your back on me. I knew that you would be a friend I could count on after you stood beside me and my family through our biggest trial of life.

Thank you for sticking your neck out for me. Thank you for listening to me. And thank you for being an amazing person. I wish I could repay you for what you have done so far. At times I wish that I could give you more in our friendship, but I hope you know that I'm here whenever you need me.

Your friend,

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