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Example of break up sms

If I needed ur touch, wld u touch me right? If I laid alone, wld u lie wit me at nite? If I cried a tear 4 u n I, wld u wipe my I? If I miss u, wld u say it back? If we werent 2gether, wld u still have my back?

Every1 knows how I feel 4 u, but u. Is it me? Is it what I said? could this b tru? why am I cryin and ur not here? Was it our luv that caused ur fear?

Keep me close, dont let me go. U r the 1 for me. I just want to let u know. I'm only human, but my eyes can C. That luv was not meant 4 u n me.

My heart called u, but u didnt answer. Have u left me completely without a dial tone or an answer? Should we end this way with nothin more? Or should I come and knock back on our luv's door?

Y are u hurtin me? I did nothing wrong. 2 me, I thought our luv was strong. If it wasnt, then it's my fault. Becuz I luv u no matter what - it's my broken heart.

Everytime u breath I feel its warmth. Everytime U speak, I hear ur voice. Everytime I shiver, I feel ur hand. Everytime I cry silently, I wish u were here.

Nothin meant more than kissin u. Now nothin means more than missin u. I thought we would make it, but I was wrong. Even at this moment, I wish we wld carry on.

4give me baby becuz it was my fault. I 4got to luv u completely now u've moved on.We can start a new life 2gether - just u n I, but I want us to start our luv in heaven's eyes.

Never let me go, keep me close. 4 u are my luv and I am ur hope. We used to keep eachother in the best conditions - now I'm alone without u here.. such deception.

My heart is broken and I can't move. I can't breathe, I can't eat, and I can't sleep. I can't think, I can't feel, and I can't go on. I needed u and only u, but u're gone.

Why are we going thru this? Is this something new? We can try again.. only if u allow me in. U shut me out when I said 1 wrong thing .. Y were u so shady after I caved in.

This is supposed 2 last 4ever. This is how its supposed to b. Why am I cryin and u're not with me? We said that we would last until the end of time, but my watch is still clickin.. u're the only dial out of time.

Knock on my door 1 more time. Tell me what U need, tell u're mine. Fill my heart with joy, but keep me close - it's only 1 sec from 4ever.

We need time 2 get our thoughts 2gether. So, let me go 4 now, but not 4ever. If u feel a rush, just find me here. I'm never 2 far from your heart my dear.

Each kissed created a new feeling inside of my soul. If u knew how much I needed u, u would've folded. But I keep u in my mind, heart, and soul always becuz the more I luv u, the more I feel lonely.

Losing u was the best thing to happen to me. I'm not cryin, scared, or lonely. If u wanted more, u should have said it clear. Becuz now I'm fine without u near.