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Examples :: Love Letters :: I feel so lucky that you are mine

I feel so lucky that you're mine

Letting your love one know how lucky you are is great. It shows how much you care that they have been with you for the first year. Many people do not understand the importance of reflecting on the first year. And the love letters addressing the first year's obstacles refresh and reflect the greatest moments of learning. When you talk about these things, you let your partner know that you have paid attention to your relationship. Keep reminding them of what you do know, how lucky you are, and why you want to get to know them better. A simple letter can do all of this if you do it right.

Dear [Insert Name],

Wow. It's the first year and I still feel like we're going through changes. Actually, we are going through changes slowly and surely. This first year has been a ride for me to get to know you. And I keep thinking about how lost I may be if I never [insert the changing moment]. You were right there looking at me when I tried to walk away. Do you know how you really caught my attention? You [insert what they did to catch your attention]. I kept wondering, 'Why is [he or she] is doing to that me?' And you kept doing it .. that's when I walked up to you.

I can remember it as if it were yesterday, [insert their name]. Why did you let me talk to you for so long that night? You made me feel a little awkward because I never approached a [man/woman] like I did you. I guess that's why we have been together for so long this year. I think you were being nice to me that night.. so you played along. Then again.. you have not tried anything crazy since then.

I'm so lucky that you're mine, we made it, and you want to be with me forever. It will take time to get to 'forever', but I think we're doing a good job making it to another year. We can make it into a new year together and we can do it with open hearts. You're a very good [woman/man]. I know this from experience and you show me how lucky I truly am everyday we are together.

Thank you for being truthful,

Sign your name