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Examples of you SMS

U keep me on my toes. The world knows that Ur the one for me. No matter where I go, I want U here and there with me.

U make the world stop in its tracks. I press rewind and U do it again. Why u are so wonderful? Ur voice is a song to my ears. I listen just to know ur heart's deepest wants.

Forget what U heard luv is simple when it's done right. U prove this to me every day I see u.

You got a beautiful smile, laugh, giggle, and hug. It makes my day perfect with a simple touch. Sometimes I want more, but I'm happy with the simplest touches.

Let me explain Ur luv it's real, sensual, secure, and great. I'd never leave for any1 else. If time was the best thing, I have to know where U truly came from.