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Do you care for me?

Love does incredible things to a person's heart and mind. And the one question that lingers in both is, ' do you care for me?' When someone asks you this question, it's obvious they have deep feelings or an attachment with you. Most of the time we are aware of this because of their gestures, shown intimacy, and devotion to our every need. Other times it's hidden beneath layers of doubt or uncertainty about potential love. In our Do You Care For Me section, you will learn the details of getting answers from your potential lover. It starts with a simple love letter with one question... do you care for me?

Dear [Insert Name],

Do you know how important you are to me? Your presence in my life keeps me going when things get rough. Sometimes I feel like you're the only one that listens to me when things get bad. Even more, I feel like I can depend on you because you tell me the truth. You never lie about a situation, in the moment to save yourself, or to make me feel better. You tell me the truth because you want me to make an honest decision and have an option to decide what to do. As my friend, I keep wondering how I was lucky enough to get a chance to have someone like you in my life.

Do you care for me the way I care for you? Do you respond to my heart and emotions the way I respond to yours? I can remember the first long conversation we had about a potential relationship, but it never got too serious. If did get to that point, I would like to know if you would be as honest as my spouse as you are my friend. Will you begin to hide the truth because you'd want me happy instead of upset or disappointed? Or will you continue to be yourself no matter what? These are the questions I ask myself about an 'us' because I'm scared to ask you face to face.

If you have a different perspective of this, please let me know. I would hate to come onto you if you are not sure if you feel the same. I am happy with just being your friend if that's what you want in a relationship with me. But, I would be amazed if you consider me as a candidate in your life. It's crazy, but it's how I truly feel about you. I only wish I knew that you felt the same about me.

Your friend,

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