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Forgive me:
Did I hurt you?

Many couples experience a small degree of pain while loving someone. The decision to stay with someone due to the pain they've placed you through is not productive. As love traces through your veins, pain remains in the back of your mind. Did I hurt You?love letters are for spouses asking for forgiveness and time to fix the damage they have given to their significant other. Our example of these kinds of Forgive Me letters are perfect to give to your loved one to find an answer to save your relationship and address problems that are causing the pain you are experiencing.

Dear [Insert Name],

Sometimes it feels like you're pulling away from me because I hurt you. Did I hurt you? You've never said anything directly and you push me away. I wish we could talk about our problems instead of walking away from me in an argument. How can we face our problems if you always walk away? It makes no sense. Either you tell me what the problem is or I can leave today. I don't want our relationship to slip down the drain because we have disagreements with one another. I want us to talk about our problems without arguing on the phone or slamming doors. Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is suppose to heal and protect us from the world.

What am I supposed to do if I need to protect my heart from you? Do I run? Do I hide? Do I feel like everything I believed in is slipping away in front of my eyes. I'm hurting right now because you won't tell me what I've done to make you act this way towards me. Let me have a chance to explain myself. If you are upset about my friends, I need other people to talk to besides you. You have friends. I stay home most of the week while you enjoy your extra time with your friends. Why is it so hard for you to let me go out every once in a while? You act like I'm going to cheat on you if I leave the house for 10 minutes to buy ice cream. We have been together for too many [months/years] for you to treat me this way now. What did I do to make you feel so insecure in our relationship?

Did I truly hurt you or do you feel like I took one argument too far? Let me know something. I'm begging to know what's going on and I'm begging to have a chance to love you the way I should. I really want us to work this out. Please let me know what I can do to fix this.

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