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How can we enjoy our relationship without arguing?

In the first year, a couple experiences different emotions such as happiness, joy and even anger. Arguments occur every once in a while and it creates an opportunity for open communication without drowning the relationship in doubt.

So, when it comes time for this part of a relationship, how can you enjoy your relationship without arguing? It will take some time to understand your partner, but if you can stay with them for a year - you can work it out by speaking the truth to each other.

Dear [Insert Name],

We need to talk when you get home. I'm tired of the arguing and fighting over nonsense.. and it's tainting our home. The love we used to share is missing within these walls and it's hurting me deeply. How can we enjoy our relationship without arguing? How can we? When can we stop fussing like cat and dog instead of talking like the couple we are? I don't want to come home to another disappointing night because we both work hard during the day. Why can't we enjoy the end of our night together instead of separate rooms? Have I done something to you? If I have, please be a [man or woman] and tell me what I've done.

I love you with all of my soul, but I feel you pushing away from me. We barely talk. We barely listen to one another. And it keeps getting worse as the nights go by. What can I do to make you see that I need and love you? I have done my best to explain in these few little words, but I can't win this fight alone. Please be my hero … help me fight these emotions of pain and hurt I feel towards you. It's such a mix that I don't even know who I am in this relationship. Am I your [woman/man]? Did this first year seem too long or boring for you? Do you want more of me? Tell me.

We need to spend time together and get this right. I don't want to lose you after the first year.. I want to spend more of my life with you. Do you remember the first month we lived together? We used to take long walks down the street talking all through the night. Now we come home, take our showers, and go to bed without speaking. It's killing me inside to know the [man/woman] I love is lying next to me feeling isolated. I feel isolated in our own home. This is not how it should be if we're in love.

I miss you, [Insert Name]. Please call me when you're on your way home.

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