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Example of valentine's day poem

Poems symbolize one's emotional bond or connection to another person. The bond is driven by the depths of love penetrating one's soul for their lover. Without this bond, the creative mind lacks the oxygen to the heart of the writer which forms a barrier within the letter. Our example of a Valentine Day poem includes abstract senses which intrigues its readers to follow through with simple requests. You can use the outline of our Valentine's Day poem to write one for your own love.

My Dear Valentine
a piece of me is crumbling when you touch my skin.
Then I drizzle through your fingers, slowly - softly.
This love is unpredictable my dear valentine
I wonder what you're doing when you stay on my mind
My dear Valentine, I love you.

There's nothing we can't do since life is so easy
I know I want to be with you
And this love thing is crazy - I keep you in my heart
When times get too hard. And you end it all with one kiss.
What is this my dear Valentine?

I'm into you because your persona's cool. It keeps me on the right edge when I'm next to you.
I can't imagine this any different then how we are.
My reality is placed within yours as a lock into heaven.
My dear Valentine, the key you hold is my love times seven.

So intense and dedicated to protecting my heart.
I give myself to you with no question
We will explore the world that life has given to us.
It's a shame that I'm in love with a complete stranger.
As I'm in love with you, my dear Valentine.

How I wish to tell you knew how I feel
Because this love is too real
That it's wrapped up inside of me
But I'm the only one who it keeps letting free.
My dear Valentine come rescue me.

It's not that I want to run away.
It's not that I'm not in love with you.
It's not you because it is me.
And the thought of my dear Valentine on this day
sets my heart free.