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Forgive me:
Why are you so upset?....[about financial struggles]

It's hard to talk to someone we love when we're upset about money.

It takes a lot of energy to understand the situation without losing control of our emotions. When things get rough, we walk away with anger in our hearts - leaving room for more pain to exist. We know why we are upset with them, but we don't know why they are upset with us. Why are you so upset?love letters are for lovers in need of time to open their eyes about their situation.

Hey [Insert Name],

I just lost my job and it's not looking any better. We discussed this possibly happening when the layoffs happened in [insert month]. But, I don't understand why you're so upset with me. I couldn't control the situation because I don't own the company. This is nonsense and I'm tired of us fighting over it. Things are going to be tough until I get another job - or you can return to work to help with the finances. Give me some time to get our lives back on track. At least ease up with the panicking and the arguing because you want to live the same lifestyle. You need to realize that you're not the only one suffering from this setback. Think of our family, our kids.

They are used to certain things too. Why were upset with me when I asked you to search for a job too?

I think we should keep the house up and running together. I'm not the only one who's capable of taking care of everything. If you want to have more money to stream through our home, it's time that you add to the flow. Think about what you're saying to me when you yell about money. Think about what you're doing when you start downgrading me in front of our kids. Stop being selfish and learn how to adjust to the changes. It's not my fault that the economy is going down. I'm not the only worker out of a job. And we are NOT starving. Stop treating me like I ruined our life. Help me do the right thing and take care of our family. I love you with all my heart, but you're not helping the situation by criticizing me. And I'm not helping it by being angry with you. I'm doing the best that I can, but I need your help to do it right.

I love you, [insert name]. Money is one part of our life - don't let it ruin it.

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