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Examples :: Love Letters :: When will you love me again?

Forgive me:
When will you love me again?

It's the question you ask when you're in doubt of your relationship.

It's also the question you ask when you know that you have messed up your relationship. The When Will You Love Me Again love letters are suited for couples in search of happiness, refreshment, and obvious love for their spouse. Without looking through the mirror, it's hard to see how things can change unless you decide to change now.

Hi [Insert Name],

There is too much going on around us and I want it to stop. When will you ever love me again? I know I messed up when I cheated on you in the beginning. But I'm only human. We had a few arguments over the years and it's adding up to a bunch of issues in the end. Can you be honest and tell me what's going on with you? You never walked away from me when I tried to hold you. Last night was the first time I felt like I've lost you completely. Did you notice how we keep going through the same mess? You tell me that I'm wrong for my past then I explain why I was doing those crazy things. You were the [man or woman] to help me get through my problems.

Now, you're pulling me down and talking to me like I'm a stranger. And you're making me feel like I'm not good enough to love you. We've been through this before and I hated it then just as I hate it now. There's something going on with you that I don't understand. You say you want to be my [woman or man], but you're treating completely different. There should be a truce - if you really love me you'd stay. I'll let you go if that's what you want from me. Let's think about the rest of us and turn our world around right now. So, when will you love me again? When will you tell me softly in my ear? And when I can let go of the fear of leaving you? There's so many things we need to do, but I can't do anything with you.

Our relationship is close to ending. If you can't look me in my eye, what good am I to this love? This is a replay of your past and it's killing me. I'm not responsible for you because I can barely save my own heart. Until you love me again, we may never be friends - we're over. Keep it in mind when you think of all the trouble we've made it through. And when you needed me the most, I was there. So why are you leaving me behind when I need you now?It's okay. I can take the pain, but I don't want anything else to ruin what little we have.

I love you, [insert name].

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