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What's our next step?

The first year anniversary draws couples into a dilemma of 'what's our next step?'. If you're in a relationship, you want to know what you're next step will be. You are making plans with your lover to live another day together, creating plans, and making changes to remain happy. At this point, many lovers are questioning their loyalty, true happiness within the relationship, and the breaking point of how to enhance the passion. This kind of love letter is for the open-hearted lover willing to bare all secrets to their partner.

Dear [Insert Name]

Can you believe a year has past? We have went through a lot of changes because we were not sure about our love. I'm so glad that I moved forward when you asked me to be yours. At times, I wonder how unsettle and unhappy I may have been if we never met. Sometimes I wonder if you are truly happy with me or are you just tolerating me. So, what is our next step? Do you see yourself making plans to stay with me for another day? Year? Or possibly a lifetime? I know, I know. I am jumping to conclusions, but it's only due to the love you have given me.

I feel spoiled, loved, and protected from the harms the world has waiting outside of our door. Since I have been with you, nothing bothers me and no one has been able to break my spirit. I thank you for giving me that strength through your love. I never expected someone like you to come and save my soul with a few kisses, touches, and moments of pure bliss. I want more of what you have to offer. And I have a heart full of love that I'm willing to give. Are you ready to take that next step with me? Do you believe in our love enough to know that you'll be here another year? Day? Second by my side?

I know that I will love you wholeheartedly as long as you remain faithful and caring. Please remember that we were friends first, lovers second. Without your friendship, I wouldn't have confidence in a future. I know you. I know your heart. And I'm praying for us to develop into a loving [couple, family, friendship] in the future. Just remember where we have come from as well as our plans of where we are going. The first year is supposed to be the hardest of loving someone... but, I think it's the anniversaries that follow where love is truly tested with time.

I love you so much,

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