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Forgive me:
We need to talk

There's no justice in silent love. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you begin to look for a solution that can't be found. You start to wonder how true your love could be and what you have to do to make your lover see how much you want them. We Need to Talk love letters are for the lovers in search of the last solution - the conversation of truth. These conversations involve pain, anger, and blunt disappointment at times. But, finding the truth is more valuable than letting your heart prolong the ability to love your spouse when they don't love you.

Hey Stranger,

You look away from me as if I disgust you and it hurts. At times, I think you do it on purpose to see how I'll react. I know that you're not happy, but why are you still with me? Why do you feel that you can come home anytime you want to even when I don't agree with it? The craziest thing you've done is lie to me about your affair. We both knew you were doing something wrong and kept living on as if it were okay. That's not the purpose of a true relationship - we are supposed to talk about our issues.

We don't have time to fight over silliness. Our family requires our time, dedication, and effort to establish our deepest desires from life. I'm not saying that I'm perfect, but I know what matters most. Majority of our problems come from our lack of communication. You know what I mean., too. I can talk to you and you turn your head as if I said nothing of importance. This has to end today or soon before I walk away from everything. I can't deal with a stranger living in my home and I doubt if you want me to become one as well.

Let's take some time out from the world and figure our love into the equation. Either you can walk away and forget of the pain - or we can keep going on like this. I can deal with the arguing, but I can't deal with the silent nights of no discussion. This is not the way we wanted things to go in our relationship. I want us to work together to get through all of our struggles. If you walk away from me, I may find myself crumbling at the thought of losing you. Why don't you have the same compassion for me? This is supposed to be a relationship built on real love and you're not sharing your heart with me.

I'm leaving until things get better.. I can't go through this with the [man or woman] I love.

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