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Examples :: Love Letters :: This is the last time to hurt me

This is the last time to hurt me

Have you been hurt numerous times by the one you love? Trust that love does not hurt as much as some people say. Love creates a bond that can not be broken by simple arguments, words, or gestures. Jealous may arise once or twice, but constant hurt turns into a fight of pain with lovers. Without the right mindset, you can fall apart emotionally if your partner neglects your feelings. This is the last time to hurt me... love letters are for the person ready to end the pain.

Hey Stranger,

I don't want to be with you anymore. I don't know who you are or what you want from me. You have given me the last straw of pain that I'm accepting in this relationship. Why did you have to go and cheat on me? Why? What gave you the right to hurt me like this? We were supposed to get married soon, but this just ruined it all for us. Our child needs us to be in [his/her] life right now - I can't be with you and I don't want you to provide a bad example. So, I'm taking [him/her] too. You can get upset, angry, and talk to me anyway you want to but I'm through. It's over.

Please come to the house and get your stuff. I can't be with you and I don't want you near me. Go be with [her/him] since that's who took you from our home. Our family doesn't deserve this and we don't need to try anymore. It's going to take a while before I can talk to you face-to-face. So, I'm going to my parents' house until you get all of your stuff. Just give me a call when you're done.

I didn't want things to go this way.

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