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Forgive me
Tell me the truth

You have to ask the question if you want the truth. And you have to let the answer be real in order for it to move forward.

There's nothing left to the craziness of this world and you want step back from your heart. In Tell Me The Truth love letters, you have to let your guard down. The love you have for someone may not exist in their minds or hearts. So, you run the risk of being hurt without your knowing. And the best way to fight that is to ask for the truth and wait for the real answers.

Hi Stranger,

Who is [he or she]? I don't like surprises and I don't want any from you. The last few weeks have felt like hell raising through my veins.. and right now it's on fire. You keep lying to me saying that you have 'work' to do on the weekends. Since when did you care about your 'work' on the weekends? Is [he or she] keeping you from our home because of this? I need to know. I'm not sure if I want the real answer, but I need to know something. You're coming home with [his or her] [cologne or perfume] on your clothes, your leaving all times of the night, and you don't answer your phone after you leave your job. This is telling me two things - you're cheating or you're messing around. Both are the same and I want to know the truth. Tell me the truth.

Stop telling me that you love me then tell it to someone else. Be honest. I would let you know if I felt our relationship was slowly ending so why is it so hard for you? Since when do you hold your tongue when it's about our love? You used to tell me how to communicate, but you've given up on that aspect of our relationship. Something has to change and give right now. I'm walking out the door if you can't be a [man or woman] about this. There's too much that I may miss out on if I try to stay here with you.

We should not go on like this... call me when you have a chance.

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