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Love letters to write to a boyfriend

Boyfriend love letters require sympathy, empathy, and sincerity. A boyfriend may view you as a part of his life; when writing, please identify serious issues regarding your relationship. Love letters to write to a boyfriend should get straight to the point. Many women believe men are from mars - so we must write letters to match that ideal.


Dear [Insert Name],

I want you to know how much you mean to me.

Since you came into my life I have often wondered if you were sent to me from God. Do you remember the first time we met? I do. You walked up to me and said, '________'. The way you expressed yourself caught me off guard. I could not do anything, but answer you. Most men are rude when they approach a woman. But not you, you were quite the gentleman.

I knew you would break my shell after our first date. Before you came along, I had been hiding in the shadows of live for too long. You prove my first impression right each day we are together. You were right when you said there are good people in the world. You are a great person - an influential individual and compassionate friend.

You told me this would be my reality. You said you were going to be my sounding board and the person I can turn to and confide in. As the minutes, hours, days and now months continue… I feel closer to you. It has been years since I have felt this way towards someone. I want to tell my secrets to you because I know you will keep them safe just as you have kept me safe from this crazy world.

You make me laugh when I can not find anything to smile about. You make sure we share every minute together laughing and talking about our plans in life. Most men run if a woman starts talking about the future. Not you. You make sure we discuss our goals for our relationship as well as our independent plans for ourselves. Thank you for being you. You have exposed me the finer things in life that were right before my eyes.

I love you, [Name].

[sign your name]