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It's been a wild ride

When it comes time to discuss love, it's hard to think about all of the good - you start thinking of everything involved with your relationship. It's Been A Wild Ride love letters address the chaos associated with having a relationship, being in love, and defending your love against the world. When writing one of these letters, it's important to tell your partner that you recognize and appreciate everything they have taken to love you. It's also time to let them know that you'll never let them go no matter how hard the situation may become.

Hey Stranger,

Do you remember the first time I said that to you at the [party/resort/hotel/restaurant]? You looked at me as if I were crazy. It was the funniest, yet most adorable face I had seen. I think that's why I walked up to you trying to get into your conversation. That moment was 365 days ago... and counting this morning. It was another day which I've known you and which I am deeply in love with you. It's amazing how situations play out in our lives. And I thank [some spiritual entity] for helping me speak that very phrase to you last year.

That one phrase introduced me to the [woman/man] of my dreams. And I am truly thankful for this wild ride we've experienced together. Thank you for being a [man or woman] of your word. You said that we would last this long during my times of weariness. And you also said that you would stand with me against anything the world had to offer. What can I say to a person like you? I'm looking for a way to bring our love back into perspective. The craziness we've experienced this year is the beginning of an amazing life. If we can get through one more day, I'd be happy with the dedication offered within your love.

Thank you. I love you. I'm thankful for you. And I miss you. I'm speechless at this point.. but you do know that I'm very grateful for you being with me.

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