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Examples of Turkish Food

An alanya kebab is a kebab consisting of beef, pieces of bread, and tomatoes that are topped with a spicy chili sauce.
Example of Alanya kebab recipe.

Ashure or noah's pudding is a turkish dessert that is made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits and nuts.
Example of Ashure recipe.

Gullac is a turkish dessert made with milk, pomegranate and a special kind of pasta.
Example of Gullac recipe.

Boyoz is a turkish pastry, associated within turkey with izmir, which is practically the only city where it is prepared for commercial purposes and by following the original recipe.
Example of Boyoz recipe.

Confit byaldi is a variation on the classic cuisine minceur dish confit bayaldi by michel guerard which in turn is an interpretation of the traditional french dish ratatouille.
Example of Confit byaldi recipe.

Muhammara or mhammara is a hot pepper dip originally from aleppo, syria and now found in many places in anatolia and the levant.
Example of Muhammara recipe.

Fried aubergine is a vegetarian dish.
Example of Fried aubergine recipe.

Kokoretsi is a dish of the balkans and anatolia consisting mainly of lamb or goat intestines, often wrapping seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs and/or kidneys.
Example of Kokoretsi recipe.

Leblebi is a kind of snack made from roasted chickpeas, very common and popular in turkey.
Example of Leblebi recipe.

Strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese, labneh/labaneh, dahi, is yoghurt which has been strained in a cloth or paper bag or filter, traditionally made of muslin, to remove the whey, giving a consistency between that of yoghurt and cheese, while preserving yoghurt's distinctive sour taste.
Example of Strained yoghurt receipe.

Kofte kebab or sis kofte is a kebab variant.
Example of Kofte kebab recipe.

Acibadem kurabiyesi is a traditional turkish cookie made of almonds, sugar and egg whites.
Example of Acibadem kurabiyesi recipe.