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Examples of Christmas Food

A slice of traditional fruitcake.
Example of Fruitcake recipe.

An hallaca typically involves a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, capers, raisins, and olives wrapped in maize (cornmeal dough), bound with string within plantain leaves, and boiled or steamed afterwards.
Example of Hallaca recipe.

Rice pudding being served during the traditional scandinavian christmas meal, in denmark
Example of Rice Pudding recipe.

Gingerbread is a term used to describe a variety of sweet food products, which can range from a soft cake to something close to a ginger biscuit.
Example of Gingerbread recipe.

A Christmas pudding being flamed after brandy has been poured over it.
Example of Christmas pudding recipe.

A mince pie (sometimes also minced, minced meat, or mincemeat pie) is a british festive sweet pastry, traditionally consumed during the christmas.
Example of Mince Pie recipe.

A slice of sweet potato pie.
Example of Sweet Potato Pie recipe.

Lutefisk as served in a norwegian restaurant, with potatoes, mashed peas, and bacon.
Example of Lutefisk recipe.

Pasteles are a traditional dish in several latin american countries.
Example of Pasteles recipe.

Makowki, in is a traditional poppy seed-based dessert, most notably in silesia where it is served almost exclusively on christmas eve..
Example of Makowki receipe.

The cougnou or bread of jesus is a bread baked during christmas time and is typical of the southern low countries.
Example of Cougnou recipe.

Uszka are small dumplings usually filled with mushrooms or minced meat.
Example of Uszka recipe.