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Examples of American Food

Carnitas tacos as served in east los angeles, california usa.
Example of Carnitas tacos recipe.

A tamale is a traditional mexican dish of mesoamerican origin, consisting of steam-cooked corn dough (masa) with or without a filling.
Example of Tamale recipe.

A bowl of mashed pumpkin.
Example of Mashed pumpkin recipe.

A succotash prepared with kidney beans.
Example of Succotash recipe.

Hot chicken served in traditional fashion on white bread.
Example of Hot chicken recipe.

Roast beef cooked under high heat.
Example of Roast beef recipe.

Brunswick stew made with chicken.
Example of Brunswick stew recipe.

A homemade sloppy joe.
Example of Sloppy joe recipe.

Gumbo is a stew or soup originating in louisiana which is popular across the gulf coast of the united states.
Example of Gumbo recipe.

A fast-food hamburger.
Example of Hamburger receipe.

Cheesesteak with cheez whiz
Example of Cheesesteak recipe.

A plate of chicken fingers and french fries.
Example of Chicken fingers recipe.