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Examples of Diabetes Food

An apple pie is a fruit pie (or tart) in which the principal filling ingredient is apples..
Example of Apple rice pudding recipe.

Apple salad recipe.
Example of Apple salad recipe.

Aloha chicken
Example of Aloha chicken recipe.

Chicken salad is any salad that comprises chicken as a main ingredient.
Example of Chicken salad recipe.

The black turtle bean, a small, black variety of the common bean especially popular in latin american cuisine
Example of Black bean recipe.

Chocolate banana shake.
Example of Chocolate banana shake recipe.

Chicken salad with walnuts.
Example of Chicken salad with walnuts recipe.

Example of Almond rice recipe.

Apple_pie recipe.
Example of Banana cream pie recipe.

It is made using white or whole wheat bread,egg, sugar or vanilla extract, margarine, and dried fruit.
Example of Bread pudding receipe.

It is made using asparagus,parsley, lemon juice, and bacon, fried and chopped.
Example of Asparagus with bacon recipe.

Chicken and broccoli.
Example of Chicken and broccoli recipe.