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Examples of Australian Food

Cottage pie with minced beef.
Example of Cottage pie.

A steamed dim sim.
Example of Dim sim recipe.

A pie floater is a meal available in australia which consists of the traditional australian style meat pie sitting, usually inverted, in a plate of thick green pea soup.
Example of Pie floater recipe.

A cheesymite scroll is a spiral of baked bread with vegemite and cheese baked into it.
Example of Cheesymite scroll recipe.

Mashed potato or Smashed potatoes is one way of serving potatoes.
Example of Mashed potatoes recipe.

Rum balls are a truffle-like confection, being sweet, dense balls flavoured with chocolate and rum.
Example of Rum balls recipe.

Kentucky burgoo recipes are somewhat like chili recipes, in that there are many different recipes each calling for different sets of ingredients.
Example of Kentucky burgoo recipe.

Rocky road is a type of dessert made up of milk chocolate and marshmallow which is usually served in individual portions such as a cupcake.
Example of Rocky road cupcake recipe.

A pasty is a filled pastry case, commonly associated with cornwall in the united kingdom.
Example of Pasty recipe.

Pasta salad with shrimp, chicken and vegetables
Example of Pasta salad recipe..

A typical australian meat pie with tomato sauce (ketchup).
Example of Australian meat pie recipe.

Pavlova is made by beating egg whites to a very stiff consistency before folding in caster sugar, white vinegar, cornstarch, and sometimes vanilla, and slow-baking the mixture to create the meringue.
Example of Pavlova recipe.