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Examples of Malaysian Food

Acar is a type of salad made in indonesia, malaysia, and singapore.
Example of Acar recipe.

Asam fish is a malaysian fish stew where fish is cooked in tamarind (asam) fruit juice.
Example of Asam fish recipe.

Bakkwa is believed to have originated from a meat preservation and preparation technique used in ancient china that is still practiced in places with hoklo influence.
Example of Bakkwa recipe.

A sambal can be a condiment, an ingredient or a dish which will always contain a large amount of chilis.
Example of Sambal recipe.

Krupuk are made by mixing prawns, tapioca flour and water.
Example of Krupuk recipe.

Nasi dagang is a malaysian dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, fish curry and extra ingredients such as fried shaved coconut, hard-boiled eggs and vegetable pickles.
Example of Nasi dagang recipe.

Otak-otak is a fish cake found throughout Malaysia.
Example of Otak-otak recipe.

Curry puff is a malaysian, singaporean and thai, snack which is of malay origin.
Example of Curry puff recipe.

A dish of sate ponorogo, grilled marinated chicken satay served in peanut sauce, speciality of ponorogo, a town in east java, indonesia.
Example of Sate ponorogo recipe.

Rojak is a fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in malaysia, singapore and indonesia (where it is called Rujak).
Example of Rojak recipe.

Nasi lemak is a dish sold in malaysia, brunei, singapore and southern thailand.
Example of Nasi lemak recipe.

Teh tarik is a hot tea beverage which can be commonly found in restaurants, outdoor stalls and kopi tiams in malaysia. Example of Teh tarik recipe.