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Proverbs Starting with letter W - part 7
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Who accepts from another sells his freedom.
Who accepts nothing has nothing to return.
Who accepts, sells himself.

Who answers for another pays.
Who are ready to believe, are easy to deceive.
Who arrives in the darkness departs as night falls.
Who asks at once for a lot, returns home with an empty bag.
Who avoids small sins, does not fall into great ones.
Who bathes his hands in blood will have to wash them with tears.
Who begins amiss ends amiss.
Who begins too much accomplishes little.
Who begins too much, accomplishes little.
Who blackens others, does not whiten himself.
Who blows his nose too hard makes it bleed.
Who bows to might loses his right.
Who breaks old pays new.
Who breaks pays.
Who builds on the mob builds on sand.
Who builds upon the people, builds upon sand.
Who burned himself with hot milk blows on ice cream.
Who buys cheap pays twice.
Who buys hath need of eyes.
Who buys land buys war.
Who buys wants a hundred eyes, who sells need have but one.
Who came back from the grave and told the story?.
Who came in late, finds a bad accomodation.
Who can commands, who must obeys.
Who can do big can do small.
Who can do, don't want to; Who wants to, can't do; Who knows how to do, won't do it; Who does it, doesn't know how to; and, so, badly goes the world.
Who can master his thirst can master his health.
Who can say with certainty that one will live to see the morrow?.
Who can't pretend cannot govern.
Who can't ride horseback goes on foot.
Who can't stand any more puts down the load.
Who can't swim sinks.
Who cannot beat the horse let him beat the saddle.
Who cannot fight, wins nought by right.
Who cannot sing, may whistle.
Who cannot yet walk, cannot climb a ladder.
Who cares about every little feather should not make the bed.

Who cares if a crow is male or female?.
Who ceases to be a friend never was one.
Who changes country changes luck.
Who changes his condition changes fortune.
Who chooses will always have desires.
Who cleans up the dirt washes away happiness.
Who comes first, grinds (his grain) first.
Who comes first, grinds first.
Who comes out similar to his own didn't degenerate.
Who comes seldom, is welcome.
Who comes unbidden departs unthanked.
Who complains first it who threw the plum.
Who contests his form, he mocks his Creator.
Who could live without hope?.
Who dances at the wedding, weeps at the funeral.
Who demands justice, must administer justice.
Who depends on another man's table often dines late.
Who digs a hole for another, falls in it himself.
Who digs a pit for others falls into it himself.
Who digs a pit for others will fall in themselves.
Who digs a trap for others ends up in it himself.
Who digs a trap for others ends up in it himself. (What goes around, comes around.).
Who disdains wants to buy.
Who does all he may never does well.
Who does not beat his own child will later beat his own breast.
Who does not go with you, go with him.
Who does not know one thing knows another.
Who does not punish evil, invites it.
Who does not thank for a little will not thank for a lot.
Who does not wish to be like the wolf let him not wear its skin.
Who does too much, often does little.
Who doesn't cry doesn't nurse.
Who doesn't cry doesn't suckle.
Who doesn't feel isn't a good people's son.
Who doesn't feel well here must move.
Who doesn't have enough supper is restless all night.
Who doesn't have in his head has in his feet. (Absent-minded do the work twice).
Who doesn't have nails doesn't play the guitar.
Who doesn't honor the Rappen isn't worth the Franken' (swiss currency, 100Rappen = 1Franken).
Who doesn't keep faith with God won't keep it with men.
Who doesn't know a thing has no doubts.
Who doesn't quit gets game.
Who doesn't take a chance won't nibble.
Who doesn't want to be a wolf shouldn't wear it's hide.
Who doesn't work doesn't eat.
Who don't keep faith with God won't keep it with man.
Who doubts errs not.
Who dresses other undresses them in the marketplace.
Who drinks till bottom, lives without mind.

Who eats capon, capon comes to him.
Who eats his fowl alone, must saddle his horse alone.
Who eats it won't know the bitterness of the onion, but who chops it does.
Who enters the Turkish bath will sweat.
Who errs in the tens errs in the thousands.
Who ever does not respect confidence will never find happiness in their path.
Who excuses himself accuses himself.
Who excuses, accuses.
Who faints not, achieves.
Who falls in the water will hold on to the foam to save himself.
Who falls in water doesn't drown - but who falls badly will.
Who falls into the sea will take hold even of a snake.
Who falls short in the head, must be long in the heels.
Who fears no shame comes to no honor.
Who fears no shame comes to no honour.
Who fears the sparrows must not sow millet.
Who feels snotty, let him blow his nose.
Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.
Who finds keeps.
Who follows his head follows the head of an ass.
Who forgives wins.
Who frequents the kitchen smells of smoke.
Who gest first is the first to help himself.
Who gets into shortcuts gets into trouble.
Who gets too picky ends up with the worst.
Who gives and takes back goes to Hell.
Who gives and then takes it back goes to hell (is mistreated in hell).
Who gives in need, gives double.
Who gives sell, sells dear, if the receiver be not a churl.
Who gives the bread lays down the authority.
Who gives the money will play the flute.
Who gives to me, teaches me to give.
Who gives to the poor lends to God.
Who gives what he has can't be asked to give more.
Who gives what he has ends up begging.
Who gives, has.
Who gives, teaches a return.
Who glows not burns not.
Who goes a beast to Rome, a beast returns.
Who goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing.
Who goes and returns makes a journey.
Who goes around with pigs eats bran.
Who goes fasting to bed will sleep but lightly.
Who goes himself is in earnest, who sends is indifferent.
Who goes near soot smells of soot, and who goes near musk smells of musk.
Who goes not, sees not; who proves not, believes not.
Who goes out to sea loses his place.
Who goes out to sea loses his place, who goes out to the river loses the ship, who goes to the wind loses his sit.
Who goes softly goes safely, and he that goes safely goes far.

Who goes to Rome a beast returns a beast.
Who gossips to you will gossip about you.
Who gossips with you will gossip about you.
Who handstands, sees the world straighter.
Who has a bad wife, his hell begins on earth.
Who has a cloak always gets away.
Who has a head won't want for a hat.
Who has a mouth doesn't order to blow.
Who has a mouth, let him not say to another, 'Blow!'.
Who has a tongue in his head can go all the world over.
Who has a trade may go anywhere.
Who has an mule has fear.
Who has but one eye must take good care of it.
Who has corns doesn't get himself into tight/crowded places.
Who has deceived thee so oft as thyself?.
Who has ever seen tomorrow?.
Who has honey on his tongue has poison in his mind.
Who has love in his heart has spurs in his sides.
Who has many servants has many thieves.
Who has never been burned in the sun won't know the value of shadow.
Who has never done thinking never begins doing.
Who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet.
Who has no bread to spare should not keep a dog.
Who has no children does not know what love is.
Who has no cloth doesn't set up tents.
Who has no courage must have legs.
Who has no dog hunts with a cat.
Who has no head should have legs.
Who has no intention to pray has no ears for the call to prayer.
Who has no money has no bad habits.
Who has no money in his purse must have honey in his mouth.
Who has no money must have no wishes.
Who has no plagues makes himself some.
Who has no shame all the world is his own.
Who has no thirst has no business at the foundation.
Who has not been, will be; who has been, will not be forgotten. (re: army soldiers).
Who has not had a taste longs to do so, but for whom has tasted then the longing is a hundred times more.
Who has not is not.
Who has not, cannot.
Who has nothing fears nothing.
Who has nothing is nothing.
Who has only one eye must take good care of it.
Who has patience may get fat thrushes at a farthing apiece.
Who has patience sees his revenge.
Who has plenty of pepper may pepper his beans.
Who has power in his hands has no need to lie; he uses violence.
Who has something is something.
Who has sons has problems.
Who has time yet waits for time, comes to a time of repentance.

Who has wine for dinner, he has water for breakfast. (You can't avoid paying consequences for your deeds).
Who has, is.
Who hath little shame the world is all his own.
Who hath no courage must have legs.
Who he isn't busy acts like a judge.
Who hears but one bell hears but one sound.
Who hears music feels his solitude.
Who hears wrong, replies wrong.
Who heeds not little things, will be troubled about lesser ones.
Who herds with wolves, must howl with wolves.
Who honours not age, is unworthy of it.
Who hunts two hares together catches neither.
Who hunts two hares will catch neither.
Who is blind, dumb and deaf will live a peaceful life of a hundred years.
Who is blind? He who can see no other world. Who is dumb? He who can say nothing pleasant about his lot. Who is poor? He who is troubled with too many desires. Who is rich? He who is happy with his lot.
Who is born a chicken loves scratching.
Who is born a fool is never cured.
Who is born crooked late or never straightens up.
Who is born for the gallows won't drown.
Who is brave eats two.
Who is brave enough to tell the lion that his breath smells?.
Who is chasing after another must himself rest.
Who is ell seated should not budge.
Who is far from the eye will also be far from the heart.
Who is forced to go to church will not pray.
Who is friends to everybody is a friend of nobody.
Who is in a hurry should get going by foot.
Who is in fear of every leaf must not go into the wood.
Who is in the rain is supposed to get wet.
Who is in the right fears, who is in the wrong hopes.
Who is inferior and is ashamed of it proves that he really is inferior.
Who is known as an early riser may sleep longer.
Who is mighty? One who makes an enemy into a friend.
Who is narrow minded cannot be bighearted.
Who is not (listening to) obeying their parents, is listening to dogs skin.
Who is not ashamed of his sins, sins double.
Who is not satisfied with himself will grow; who is not sure of his own correctness will learn many things.
Who is over nice, loses many a slice.
Who is raised without discipline, he will die without honor.
Who is righteous overmuch is a morsel for the Old One.
Who is silent, when he ought to and might have spoken, is seen to agree.
Who is so deaf or so blind as he that willfully will neither hear nor see?.
Who is so deaf or so blind as he/ That wilfully will neither hear nor see?.
Who is tender in everything is a fool in everything.
Who is the happiest person in the world? An unfaithful husband.
Who is the rich person? The one who is happy with what he has.
Who is timid in the woods boasts at home.
Who is tired of happy days, let him take a wife.
Who is to bell the cat?.
Who is to carry the cat to the water?.
Who is well seated, let him not budge.
Who is your enemy? A man of your own trade.
Who judges others, condemns himself.
Who keeps company with a wolf will learn to howl.
Who keeps company with wolves, will learn to howl.
Who kisses the feet of his mother, kisses the step of Paradise.
Who knows knows.
Who knows most believes least.
Who knows most says least.
Who knows most, forgives most.
Who knows most, knows least.

Who knows not how to dissemble knows not how to reign.
Who knows not how to flatter knows not how to talk.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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