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Proverbs Starting with letter P - part 1
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Paddle together, bail, paddle; paddle, bail; paddle towards the land.
Paddle your own canoe.
Paid workmen have no arms.
Pain is easier to endure than an itch.

Pain is forgotten where gain comes.
Pain is only weakness leaving the body.
Pain mingles with pleasure.
Pain of mind is worse than pain of body.
Pain past is pleasure.
Painless poverty is better than embittered wealth.
Painted flowers are scentless.
Painted flowers have no odour.
Painted flowers have no scent.
Painting the devil onto the wall.
Papaya that is served, papaya that is eaten.
Paper and ink and little justice.
Paper bears anything.
Paper can withstand anything.
Paper can't wrap up a fire.
Paper does not blush.
Paper is patient.
Paper will endure anything.
Pardon is the choicest flower of victory.
Pardoning the bad is injuring the good.
Parents can give everything but common sense.
Parents can give their children everything except good luck.
Parents gave birth to the child, god gives the child attitude.
Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes.
Paris is owned by the early risers.
Paris was not built in a day.
Parsley seed goes nine times to the Devil.
Part I, Section II, Member IV, Subsection IV.
Part with your head, but not with your secret.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Partir, c'est mourir un peu. (To leave is to die a little.).
Partner in work, partner in food.
Partnership is an invention of the devil.
Party over, musicians by foot.
Pass a trial by fire.
Pass by your enemy hungry but never naked.
Pass the bridge that your kinsmen have passed.
Pass the misfortune on.
Past waters don't move watermills.
Pastors come for your wine and officers for your daughters.
Patched trousers, healthy testicles.
Patience and the mulberry leaf become a silk robe.
Patience and work will fray through anything.
Patience begins with tears and ends with a smile.
Patience brings roses.
Patience can break through iron doors.
Patience in the household is a real treasure.
Patience is a bitter plant but it has a sweet fruit.
Patience is a bitter plant, but it has sweet fruit.
Patience is a plaister for all sores.
Patience is a trump.
Patience is a virtue.
Patience is beautiful.
Patience is bitter but its fruits are sweet.
Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
Patience is never too much.
Patience is often better than medicine.
Patience is poultice for all wounds.
Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry becomes silk.
Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
Patience is the cure for all suffering.
Patience is the key to paradise.
Patience is the key to release.
Patience is the most beautiful prayer.

Patience is the mother of a beautiful child.
Patience is the virtue of asses.
Patience is the virtue of the donkeys.
Patience overtaxed turns to rage.
Patience surpasses learning.
Patience when teased is often transformed into rage.
Patience! said the wolf to the ass.
Patience, and the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
Patience, money and time bring all things to past.
Patient without any pain, the dog is lame when it wants to.
Patient ? saved.
Pay beforehand if you would have your work poorly done.
Pay beforehand was never well served.
Pay in like coin.
Pay me back what you owe me; we'll talk later about what I owe you.
Pay the doctor, praise the Lord.
Pay what you owe, and be cured of your complaint.
Pay what you owe, you will get well of your malady.
Pay-day comes every day.
Peace Sells, but who's Buying? .
Peace and a well-built house cannot be bought too dearly.
Peace and harmony is great treasure.
Peace and patience, and death with penitence.
Peace and tranquility are a thousand gold pieces.
Peace and tranquillity are a thousand gold pieces.
Peace feeds, war wastes; peace breeds, war consumes.
Peace gains a value from discord.
Peace is better than the most just war.
Peace is costly but it is worth the expense.
Peace is only possible after war.
Peace is the best medicine.
Peace is the well from which the stream of joy runs.
Peace lasts until the army comes, and the army lasts until peace comes.
Peace makes plenty.
Peace must be bought even at a high price.
Peace on Earth.
Peace pays what war wins.
Peace with a club in hand is war.
Peace with a cudgel in hand is war.
Peacock, look at your legs.
Pearls are of no value in a desert.
Pearls around the neck, stones upon the heart.
Pearls for the pigs.
Pearls of wisdom.
Pears and women are the sweetest in the parts that are heaviest.
Peccadillos at home, deadly sins abroad.
Pee on the ruins before they build a temple over them.
Peel a fig for your friend, a peach for your enemy.
Penny and penny laid up will be many.
Penny is penny's brother.
Penny wise and pound foolish.
Penny wise, and pound foolish.
Penny wise, pound foolish.
People always make the wolf more formidable than he is.
People are man's medicine.
People are the architects of their own fortune.
People aren't good unless others are made better by them.
People blame themselves for the purpose of being praised.
People can be done without but a lot of us need a friend.
People count the faults of those who keep them waiting.
People count up the faults of those who are keeping them waiting.
People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting.
People die voluntarily when it becomes impossible to live.
People fool themselves. They pray for a long life but fear old age.
People give, but don't be in a hurry to take.
People in trouble remember Allah.
People lend only to the rich.
People live in each other's shadows.
People live in each other's shelter.
People live like birds in a wood: When the time comes, each takes flight.
People live like birds in the woods: When the time comes, each must take flight.
People live with their own idiosyncrasies and die of their own illnesses.
People make the bells say what they please.
People must eat, even were every tree a gallows.
People often change and seldom for the better.
People say that time goes by; time says that the people go by.
People seek out big shots as flies seek out the elephant's tail.
People should not talk while they are eating or pepper may go down the wrong way.
People show their character by what they laugh at.
People take more pains to be damned than to be saved.
People talk about something until it actually happens.
People think that the poor are not as wise as the rich, for if a man be wise, why is he poor?.
People who always shows their sciences are those who know the less. '?tale' means spread or to show.
People who are asleep can't fall down.
People who do not break things first will never learn to create anything.
People who have bread to eat do not appreciate the severity of a famine.
People who have little to do are excessive talkers.
People will ignore their misfortunes and their interests when they are in competition with their pleasures.
People will in a great degree, and not without reason, form their opinion of you by that they have of your friends, as, says the.
People with real wealth don't talk about it..
People worry, and God smiles.

Pepper in someone else's eyes is eyedrops (or refreshment).' or 'Pepper in someone else's mule is honey.
Peralvillo justice: hang a man first and try him afterwards.
Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. (a.k.a The six P's).
Perfect love cannot be without equality.
Perfect love sometimes does not come till the first grandchild.
Perform good deeds; you will not regret them.
Perhaps even this will one day be pleasant to look back on' from Virgil's Aeneid, possibly a translation from Aesop.
Perhaps the last dog is catching the hare.
Perhaps you will soon find another, and a fairer, lover.
Perseverance brings success.
Perseverance kills the game.
Persevere and never fear.
Persist as resolutely as you persist in eating.
Persuasion is better than force.
Peter is so godly that God does not improve his condition.
Peter pinches me, and I like it.
Petty thieves are hanged, you take off your hat to the big ones.
Pheasants are fools if they invite the hawk to dinner.
Philosophy bakes no bread.
Physician, heal thyself.
Physicians rarely take medicine.
Physicians' faults are covered with earth, and rich men's with money.
Pick and choose, and take the worst.
Pick your inn before the dark; get on your road before the dawn.
Pick your wife in the kitchen.
Pigeons are taken when crows fly at pleasure.
Pigs in the cold and men in drink make a great noise.
Pilgrims seldom come home saints.
Pills must be bolted, not chewed.
Pills must be swallowed without chewing.
Pity is akin to love.
Pity the stranger, even if he is rich.
Pity without help does little good.
Pity you get for free, but jealousy you must earn.
Place the pot upside down, and the girl will take after.
Placed his money on the gazzele's horns.
Places are God's; placemen are the devil's.
Plague seize the hindmost!.
Plan your life at New Year's eve, your day at dawn.
Plan your year in the spring, your day at dawn.
Plant the crab-tree where you will it will never bear pippins.
Plants oft removed never thrive.
Plaster thick, some will stick.
Play alone and you're bound to win.
Play with an mule and he will flirt his tail in your face.
Play with an ass, and he will slap your face with his tail.
Play with the fool at home, and he will play with you abroad.
Play's gude, while it is play.
Playing is working for a child.
Playing with fire will eventually turn bitter.
Please the eye, and pick the purse.
Please your eye and plague your heart.
Pleasure and pain succeed each other.
Pleasure for one hour, a bottle of wine. Pleasure for one year a marriage; but pleasure for a lifetime, a garden.
Pleasure is often the introduction to pain.
Pleasure is the bait of evil.
Pleasure is the greatest incentive to vice.
Pleasure often comes from pain.
Pleasures are shallow, sorrows deep.
Pleasures are transient -- honors immortal.
Pleasures are transient, honors are immortal.
Pleasures steal away the mind.
Pleasures, while they flatter, sting.
Plenty know good ale, but don't know much after that.
Plenty makes daintiness.
Plenty makes dainty!.
Plenty of words when the cause is lost.
Plenty sits still, Hunger is a wanderer.
Plenty sits still, hunger is a wanderer.
Plough deep and you will have plenty of corn.
Plough or not plough, you must pay your rent.
Plough the patches you missed to make the earth good.
Pluck the magpie, and don't make her scream.
Pluck the rose and leave the thorns.
Plumpness is prettiness, thinness is beauty.
Poetry moves heaven and earth.
Poets are born, not made.

Poets know all about famous places without having been there.
Poison quells poison.
Policy goes beyond strength.
Polite words open iron gates.
Politeness cost nothing and gains everything. .
Politeness is not sold in the bazaar.
Politeness is what warmth is to wax.
Politeness pleases even a cat.
Politeness travels on short fares.
Politeness wins the confidence of princes.
Politics makes strange bedfellows.
Ponder long before you act.
Pondering over many things by night.
Poor Trust is dead; Bad Pay killed him.
Poor dancer is impeded (even) by his own balls.
Poor folk's wisdom goes for little.
Poor is the church without music.
Poor men do penance for rich men's sins.
Poor men sleep the best.
Poor men take to the sea, the rich to the mountains.
Poor men's money and cowards' weapons are often flourished.
Poor or rich, death makes us all equal.
Poor people are crafty.
Poor people entertain with the heart.
Poor people's words go many to a sackful.
Poor relations have little honour.
Poor thanks is the way of the world.
Poor though in the midst of wealth.
Poor, but happy.
Poor, poor for ever.
Popular agitation leads to justice.
Popularity is the small change of glory.
Portuguese is a very treacherous language.
Possession and good right, with lance in hand.
Possession is as good as a title.
Possession is nine points of the law.
Possession is nine tenths of the law.
Possession is the grave of pleasure.
Possible A man loves a woman who can cook (well).
Possible A person will more freely divulge a secret when plied with alcohol.
Possible All style and no substance.
Possible All talk and appearance and little or no substance.
Possible Do not boast in giving to the poor- anonymous is best.
Possible Do not look for faults in a gift.
Possible Do not rush into what you do not know.
Possible Do not take on more responsibility than you can handle.
Possible Do not, in an attempt to remove something undesirable, lose things that are valuable.
Possible However you try to go about things all will lead to the same conclusions.
Possible Looks can be deceiving, quiet people are often the most deep.
Possible Not everything is what it appears to be.
Possible Power draws all things to itself.
Possible Prepare for things to go wrong rather than worrying about them after the fact.
Possible Secrecy insures security.
Possible Seize the moment. Take the opportunity now; don't waste it.
Possible Similar to that of A stitch in time saves nine. Preventing something in advance is better than fixing it later on.
Possible Someone who never shuts up - often used in reference to London cab drivers.
Possible Take care of the details. (12 pence to the shilling, 20 shillings to the pound.).
Possible Worrying over something can make the task seem to take longer than it should.
Possible forbidden things are the most tempting.
Possible retribution should be equitable, proportionate and 'fit the crime'. Biblical reference, modern usage often connotes support for capital punishment.
Possible interpretations: Do the task while it is possible. Don't wait until you need help to ask for it.
Postpone not a good action.
Postpone today's anger until tomorrow.

Postponement is cancellation.
Pot, your bottom is black.' 'Yours is blacker than me.
Pots take turns to sit on the fire.
Potter envies potter, and smith smith.
Pound the garlic, Pedro, whilst I grate the cheese.
Pour not water on a drowned mouse.
Poverty and hunger have many learned disciples.
Poverty and ugliness are difficult to hide.
Poverty craves many things, but avarice more.
Poverty destroys all virtues.
Poverty does not destroy virtue, nor does wealth bestow it.
Poverty has no greater foe than bashfulness.
Poverty has no kin.
Poverty is a sin that the rich never forgive.
Poverty is a sort of leprosy.
Poverty is a wonderful thing. It sticks to a man after all his friends have forsaken him.
Poverty is an older daughter of laziness.
Poverty is cunning; it catches even a fox.
Poverty is death in another form.
Poverty is even worse if you have to sleep on the edge of a crowded bed.
Poverty is no disgrace, but it's a great inconvenience.
Poverty is no shame -- but is no great honor either.
Poverty is no sin.
Poverty is no sin, but it is a branch of roguery.
Poverty is not a crime.
Poverty is not a crime, but it's better not to show it.
Poverty is not a shame, but the being ashamed of it is.
Poverty is not a sin, it's worse than that.
Poverty is not a vice.
Poverty is not evil.
Poverty is slavery.
Poverty is the reward of idleness.
Poverty is the sixth sense.
Poverty makes a man mean.
Poverty makes thieves, like love makes poets.
Poverty never sped well in love.
Poverty parteth friends.
Poverty parts good company.
Poverty runs after the poor, wealth after the rich.
Poverty shows us who are our friends and who our enemies.
Poverty trieth friends.
Poverty without debt is real wealth.
Poverty won't allow him to lift up his head; dignity won't allow him to bow it down.
Power acquired by guilt was never used for a good purpose.
Power corrupts.
Power is strengthened by union.
Power lasts ten years; influence not more than a hundred.
Power often goes before talent.
Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Practice before you preach.
Practice doesn't make a man perfect, but a perfect practice makes a man perfect.
Practice gives skill.
Practice is better than theory.
Practice is the best master.
Practice makes perfect.
Practice makes the master.
Practice may make perfect, but nobody's perfect so why practice.
Practice no vice because it's trivial; neglect no virtue becasue it's so.
Practice what you preach.
Practice with the left hand while the right is still there.
Practise not your art, and 'twill soon depart.
Practise what you preach.
Praise a fair day at night.
Praise a fair day in the evening.
Praise a fine day at night.
Praise a fool, and you may make him useful.
Praise borrowed from ancestors is but very sorry praise.
Praise in own mouth is insult.
Praise is not pudding.
Praise is the hire of virtue.
Praise makes a bad man worse.
Praise makes good people better and bad people worse.
Praise paves the way to friendship.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
Praise the child, and you make love to the mother.
Praise the fine day in the evening.
Praise the ripe field, not the green corn.
Praise the sea, and keep on land.
Praise the young and they will blossom.
Praise the young and they will blosson.
Praise the youth and they will come.
Praise undeserved is satire in disguise.
Praise without profit puts little in the pocket.
Praise your horse tomorrow, your son when he has a beard, your daughter when she is married and yourself never.
Praise yourself, basket, for I want to sell you.
Praise yourself, basket, you're going to grape collecting.
Praising is not loving.
Pray and work.' ( motto).
Pray as though no work could help, and work as though no prayer could help.
Pray for a good harvest, but keep on hoeing.
Pray for revenge, and God will turn a deaf ear.
Pray that you will never have to bear all that you are able to endure.
Pray to God but continue to row to the shore.
Pray to God for a good harvest, but keep on hoeing!.
Pray to God, but hammer away.
Pray to God, but hold on to your good mind.
Pray to God, but keep on rowing to the shore.
Pray to God, but keep rowing to the shore.
Pray to the saint until you have passed the slough.
Pray, pray very much; but beware of telling God what you want.
Prayer and practice is good rhyme.
Prayer only from the mouth is no prayer.
Prayers go up and blessings come down.
Praying kneads no dough.
Praying to God but hitting with the mallet.
Praying to God but striking with the mallet.
Precept guides, but example draws.
Precepts invite, but examples drag us to conclusions.
Precepts may lead, but examples draw.
Precious ointments are put in small boxes.

Precious things are mostly in small compass.
Precipitate counsel--perilous deed.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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