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Proverbs Starting with letter N - part 3
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No one rides a horse without moving his head, voluntarily or involuntarily. (your status in life dictates your attitude towards your peers).
No one says his own buttermilk is sour.
No one says, 'My pasture is not sweet.'.

No one sees his own faults.
No one sees his own hunchback. i.e No one sees his own faults.
No one should be considered truly happy before his death.
No one should take in an eating pawn (or pledge).
No one so sure but he may miss.
No one takes away anything with him.
No one tests the depth of a river with both feet.
No one tests the depth of the river with both feet.
No one trusts a Greek (Greek honesty is no honesty)'.
No one was ever hung for what he was thinking.
No one was ever hurt by laughter.
No one was ever lost on a straight road.
No one will get a bargain he does not ask for.
No one will give a pauper bread, but everybody will give him advice.
No one will say, 'My father is incontinent.' Everyone will say, 'He is a man of advice and wisdom.'.
No one will take the one who is destined for you.
No one with a good catch of fish goes home by the back alley.
No one would be an innkeeper but for money.
No pain, no gain.
No pains, no gains.
No pear falls into a shut mouth.
No penny, no paternoster.
No pillows so soft as God's Promise.
No pleasure without pain.
No price is too low for a bear or too high for a bull.
No pride like that of an enriched beggar.
No protection is so sure as that of innocence.
No punishment without a law.
No purchase like a gift.
No rain without clouds.
No relation is poor.
No revenge is more honorable than the one not taken.
No revenge is more honourable than the one not taken.
No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning.
No road is too long in the company of a friend.
No rogue like the godly rogue.
No rose without a thorn.

No roses without thorns.
No rule without exception.
No saint was ever popular in his own parish.
No sane person sharpens his machete to cut a banana tree.
No sauce like appetite.
No sheath shall hold what finds its home in flesh.
No sheep runs into the mouth of a sleeping wolf.
No sin is hidden to the soul.
No sleep, no dream.
No smoke will come out from a place where there is no fire. (Where there is smoke, there is fire).
No smoke without a fire.
No smoke without fire.
No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.
No solutions without discussions.
No song, no supper.
No sooner have you spoken than what you have said becomes the property of another.
No sooner is a law made than a way around it is discovered.
No sooner is the law made than its evasion is discovered.
No sooner said than done.
No stake ever grew old with the bark on.
No strength within, no respect without.
No such breeze, no such calm, that the leaf wouldn't swing.
No sunshine but hath some shadow.
No sweet without sweat.
No tattoo is made without blood.
No thanks attach to a kindness long deferred.
No time like the present.
No tree falls at the first stroke.
No tree so small but it can cast a shade.
No use in flogging a dead horse.
No villain like the conscientious villain.
No viper so little but hath its venom.
No water is heated by him.
No wheat without chaff.
No wind can do him good who steers for no port.
No wind is of service to him that is bound for nowhere.
No wind is too cold for lovers.
No wind, no waves.
No wisdom like silence.
No wisdom to silence.
No wise man takes responsibility for an eighteen-year-old daughter.
No woman can make a wise man out of a fool, but every woman can change a wise man into a fool.
No woman ever speaks the naked truth.
No woman is ugly if she is well dressed.
No woman is ugly when she is dressed.
No woman marries an old man for God's sake.
No wonder lasts more than three days.
No wonder lasts over three days.
No word is ill spoken, that is not ill taken.

No work - no cake. or better: 'No pain - No gain.
No year has two summers.
No-one attacks me with impunity,' the Scottish and Montresor mottos.
No-one is a judge in his own case'.
No. 1 is the first house in the row.
Nobility imposes obligations.
Nobility is what is earned by those who have no other earnings.
Nobility of soul is more honorable than nobility of birth.
Nobility of soul is more honourable than nobility of birth.
Noble and common blood is of the same color.
Noble is, that noble does.
Nobles and dogs leave the door open.
Noblesse oblige.
Noblesse obliges.
Nobody alone is clever enough.
Nobody can rest in his own shadow.
Nobody dances sober.
Nobody gathers firewood to roast a thin goat.
Nobody gets out of the bed to sleep on the floor.
Nobody goes to another monastery with one's own charter.
Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse.
Nobody is bound beyond ability.
Nobody is shamed twice.
Nobody is to blame for all.
Nobody leaves this world alive.
Nobody leaves us, we only leave others.
Nobody sees any miracle from this shrine.
Nobody so wise but has a little folly to spare.
Nobody sows a thing that will not sell.
Nobody takes care of one's business as does its owner.
Nobody tells all he knows.
Nobody wages war with ghosts.
Nobody walks with another man's gait.
Nobody wants to buy a sleeping horse.
Nobody will plough the land except its cows.
Nobody's perfect.
Nobody's sweetheart is ugly.
Nodding the head does not row the boat.
Noise and hunting don't go together.
Noiseless is the approach of the avenging deities.
None are more haughty than a common place person raised to power.
None but a mule denies his family.
None can guess the jewel by the casket.
None is so deaf as the one who will not hear.
None is so rich as that he can throw away a friend.
None of us knows who we are.
None so blind as those who won't see.
None so busy as those who do nothing.
None so deaf as he that will not hear.

None so deaf as those who won't hear.
None so keen at the hunting of wolves as the dog with wolf blood.
Nonviolence is the supreme law of life.
Nor does it behoove the doctor to ignore the sick man's temperament.' A. Cornelius Celsus, 'De Medicina', Prooemium.
Northern English, Anything for nothing.
Nosy Barbara's nose was torn off at the market.
Not a half of it is a joke.
Not a long day, but a good heart, rids work.
Not all are asleep who have their eyes shut.
Not all brave words become deeds.
Not all flowers are fit for nosegays.
Not all is gold that glitters.
Not all nice things are dear, but those that are dear are nice.
Not all people who have yawned together must get married.
Not all porridge cooked is eaten.
Not all roads lead to Rome.
Not all shiny things are golden. (All is not gold that glitters.).
Not all that glitters is gold.
Not all that glitters is gold; not all that is sticky is tar.
Not all that is black is charcoal.
Not all that is true is to be spoken.
Not all that shakes falls.
Not all the buds on a bush will blossom.
Not all the tree's blossoms will bear fruit.
Not all the words that were ever uttered are worth weighing on golden scales.
Not all who make love make marriages.
Not all words require an answer.
Not at once Krakow was built.
Not being able to reach it with your hat.
Not carpenter, but likes to knock (Note: stuchat' in Russian means both to knock and to squeal on someone, to inform on someone).
Not crossing the ice after one night of frost.
Not enough room to swing a cat.
Not even Jupiter (supreme God) can please everyone.
Not even a drop is left.
Not even a god can bring back the leaves that have fallen.
Not every mule has long ears.
Not every ball hits.
Not every cloud brings rain.
Not every day is a Shrovetide, in time it will be a Lent.
Not every dog that barks bites.
Not every glittering thing is gold.
Not every land has all at hand.
Not every one may pluck roses.
Not every one that dances is glad.
Not every piece of wood will become a ladle, nor every mountain Masis (the higher peak of .).
Not every sort of wood is fit to make an arrow.
Not every stone will hurt your head.
Not every thunderclap is followed by lightning.
Not every wood will make wooden shoes.

Not every word requires an answer.
Not everybody is as bad as he is dressed.
Not everybody is granted the privilege of going to Corinth' (, epistles I, 17, 36).
Not everybody who wears spurs is a jockey.
Not everyone who chased the zebra caught it, but he who caught it chased it.
Not everyone who has a cowl on is a monk.
Not everyone who sings a lullaby stays awake.
Not everyone who sits in the seat of honor is master.
Not everyone who wears spurs owns a horse.
Not everything is a mermaid that dives into the water.
Not everything that glimmers is gold.
Not everything that glimmers is gold.' or 'All that glitters is not gold.
Not everything that is bad comes to hurt us.
Not everything that is good to eat is good to talk about.
Not everything that shines is gold.
Not everything that's allowed is agreeable.
Not everything which is bad comes to hurt us.
Not everything you hear is good for conversation.
Not for village, not for town.
Not having all of them in a row.
Not having enough is like not having anything.
Not having shot is always missed.
Not he gives who likes, but who has.
Not he who lived long knows, but he who traveled much knows.
Not knowing twas impossible, he went (there) and did it.
Not many, but much.
Not much is achieved where everyone gives the orders.
Not need to know French to ask to sleep outside.
Not only of bread lives a man.
Not only that the rich man is rich, but he has such good checks too.
Not only those who can talk the best tell you the most interesting things.
Not producing baby, nor shit.
Not speech, but facts, convince.
Not the cry, but the flight of the wild duck, leads the flock to fly and follow.
Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart.
Not the place where I was born but where I hang my hat is home.
Not the raiment graces the man, but the man the raiment.
Not to advance is to recede.
Not to be ashamed of sin is to sin double.
Not to disturb that which is at rest.
Not to know is bad, not to want to know is worse.
Not to know is bad; not to want to know is worse.
Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.
Not to oversee workmen, is to leave your purse open.
Not to paint the devil on the wall.
Not to use trickery is also trickery.
Not to watch your workmen is to lose your money.
Not to wish to recover is a mortal symptom.
Not too little, not too much.
Not turning his hand around for it.
Not twice in the same (matter).' Legal principle forbidding.
Not until the tree is felled can you see how tall it was.
Not wearing a high cap of someone.
Not wine, men intoxicate themselves; not vice, men entice themselves.
Not words but knocks.
Not wrapping it in cloth.
Nothing ages more than a good deed.
Nothing answers worse than too high farming.
Nothing but a handful of dust will fill the eyes of man.
Nothing but the best is good enough.' The motto of football club.
Nothing can be said which has not been said already.

Nothing can come out of a sack but what is in it.
Nothing can exist long without occasional rest.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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