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Proverbs Starting with letter A - part 3
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A dull mule near home trots without the stick.
A dull pencil is greater than the sharpest memory.
A dying man discovers the honesty with which he was born.

A ewer and a hose do the same thing, but their real values show when they are pawned.
A fable is a bridge that leads to truth.
A fable is a bridge which leads to truth.
A face that never laughs betrays an evil heart.
A fair booty makes a fair thief.
A fair day in winter is the mother of a storm.
A fair exchange brings no quarrel.
A fair exchange is no robbery.
A fair face will get its praise, though the owner keep silent.
A fair promise binds a fool.
A fair skin often covers a crooked mind.
A fair-weather friend changes with the wind.
A faithless wife is shipwreck to a house.
A fall into a ditch makes you wiser.
A fallen blossom never returns to the branch.
A fallen lighthouse is more dangerous than a reef.
A false report rides post.
A farmer should not ride the king's horse.
A farthing saved is twice earned.
A fast day is the eve of a feast day.
A fast horse does not want the spur.
A fast is better than a bad meal.
A fat belly did not invent gun powder.
A fat kitchen is next door to poverty.
A fat kitchen, a lean testament.
A fat tail (of the sheep) with a thorn in it.
A fat wife is like a blanket in winter.
A fat woman is a blanket for the winter.
A father deserted by a wise son is like being caught in a shower without a felt.
A father is a banker provided by nature.
A father's love, for all other is air.
A fault confessed is a half redressed.
A fault confessed is half forgiven.
A fault confessed is half redressed.
A fault denied is twice committed.
A fault once denied, is twice committed.
A favor to come is better than a hundred received.

A favour ill placed is great waste.
A favour is never lost.
A fearful person even fears the hare.
A fence between makes love more keen.
A fence makes love more keen.
A field in common is always ravaged by bears.
A fifth wheel to a cart is but an encumbrance.
A fight in your neighbor's house is refreshing.
A fine cage won't feed the bird.
A fine shot never killed a bird.
A fine staff is hewn from flora in foreign lands.
A fire will sear and the sun burn yet more, but neither can match the ardor of a man's heart.
A fish gets bigger when it gets away.
A fish only comes to its senses after it is caught in the net.
A fish should swim thrice: in water, in sauce, and in wine.
A fish wouldn't get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut.
A fisherman can tell another fisherman from afar.
A fisherman never says his fish stink.
A fisherman once stung will be wiser.
A flag on a mud barge.
A flatterer has water in one hand and fire in the other.
A flatterer is a secret enemy.
A flatterer must not lose his temper.
A flea can trouble a lion more than the lion can harm a flea.
A flea on top of a bald head.
A flower was a flower, the rain came and made it angry.
A fly cannot enter a closed mouth.
A fly does not mind dying in coconut cream.
A fly doesn't harm anyone.
A fly will not get into a closed mouth.
A fly won't get into a closed mouth.
A flying crow always catches something.
A fog cannot be dispelled by a fan.
A fool admires himself most when he has done foolish things.
A fool and his money are soon parted.
A fool and water will go the way they are directed.
A fool and water will go the way they are diverted.
A fool at forty is a fool indeed.
A fool believes everything.
A fool bolts a door with a boiled carrot.
A fool by chance may say a wise thing.
A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years.
A fool can ask more questions than seven wise men can answer.
A fool does a lot of work, a wise man gets off easier.
A fool in a hurry drinks tea with a fork.
A fool is a wise man's ladder.
A fool is always beginning.
A fool is his own informer.
A fool is like all other men as long as he remains silent.

A fool is like other men as long as he is silent.
A fool is like the big drum that beats fast but does not realize its hollowness.
A fool is not afraid to lose his mind.
A fool is someone who trusts another fool.
A fool is thirsty in the midst of water.
A fool laughs at himself.
A fool laughs when others laugh.
A fool looks for dung where the cow never browsed.
A fool looks for dung where the cow never grazed.
A fool may ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years.
A fool may chance to put something into a wise man's head.
A fool may chance to say a wise thing.
A fool may give a wise man counsel.
A fool only wins the first game.
A fool says what he knows, and a wise man knows what he says.
A fool sometimes gives good counsel.
A fool stands always in the rain.
A fool talks of folly.
A fool who can keep silent is counted among the wise.
A fool who knows Latin is never a real fool.
A fool who knows he is a fool has a little intelligence, but a fool that thinks he is intelligent is really a fool.
A fool will jump into the bath and forget to wash his face.
A fool will pair an ox with an elephant.
A fool's head never whitens.
A fool's heart dances on his lips.
A fool's money is not long in his pocket.
A fool's spark glows in all men.
A fool's speech is a bubble of air.
A fool's tongue is long enough to cut his own throat.
A fool's voice is known by a multitude of words.
A fool, if he holds his tongue, passes for wise.
A fool, unless he know Latin, is never a great fool.
A foolish bride gets no presents.
A foolish fox is caught by one leg, but a wise one by all four.
A foolish judge passes brief sentence.
A foolish man may be known by six things: Anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.
A foolish woman is known by her finery.
A forced kindness deserves no thanks.
A foreigner scratches you where you do not itch.
A forest is the poor man's overcoat.
A forest that has sheltered you, you should not call a patch of scrub.
A forest would want to be burned by its own wood.
A forewarned man is worth two (men).
A fortress on its guard is not surprised.
A fortress surrenders from within.
A fortunate man may be anywhere.
A foul mouth must be provided with a strong back.
A fox is known by this tail.
A fox is not caught twice in the same snare.

A fox is not caught twice in the same trap.
A fox may change its skin but never its character' -.
A fox smells its own lair first. Or: A fox smells its own stink first.
A friend -- one soul, two bodies.
A friend advises in his interest, not yours.
A friend at one's back is a safe bridge.
A friend by thee is better than a brother far off.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
A friend is a poem.
A friend is another me', originally in Greek by either Zeno or Plato, see also 'Alter ipse amicus.
A friend is another self.', see also 'Alter ego est amicus.
A friend is better than money in the purse.
A friend is known in time of need.
A friend is known when needed.
A friend is not known till he is lost.
A friend is one soul in two bodies.
A friend is someone who doesn't like the same people you do.
A friend is the greatest treasure in life.
A friend is to be taken with his faults.
A friend is worth more than a brother.
A friend of yours is a friend of mine / The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
A friend that will go to the scaffold with you.
A friend that you buy with presents, will be bought from you.
A friend to all is a friend to none.
A friend to everybody and to nobody is the same thing.
A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.
A friend to my table and wine, is no good neighbour.
A friend will wipe away sweat but not blood.
A friend you get for nothing; an enemy must be bought.
A friend you have to buy; enemies you get for nothing.
A friend's dinner is soon dressed.
A friend's eye is a good mirror.
A friend's fault should be known but not abhorred.
A friend's faults may be notices, but not blamed.
A friend's frown is better than a fool's smile.
A friend's meat is soon ready.
A friend, and look to thyself.
A friendly person is never a good-for-nothing.
A friendly word is better than a heavy cake.
A friendly word is like a spring day.
A frog can kill an elephant by climbing up into its trunk.
A frog in a well-shaft seeing the sky.
A fruit tree that grows in a dung heap will certainly blossom.
A fu purse never lacks freends.
A fu' sack will tak a clout o' the side.
A full belly counsels well.
A full belly dances better than a fine coat.
A full belly doesn't like studying.
A full belly is neither good for flight, nor for fighting.

A full belly sets a man jigging.
A full cup must be carried steadily.
A full man is no eater.
A full sack pricks up its ear.
A full stomach praises Lent.
A full vessel must be carried carefully.
A gadding girl is rarely coy.
A galled horse does not care to be curried.
A galled horse will not endure the comb.
A garden without a fence is like a dog without a tail.
A gaunt brute bites sore.
A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.
A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man made perfect without trials.
A gentle breeze blowing in the right direction is better than a pair of strong oars.
A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a hair.
A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a single hair.
A gentle word opens an iron gate.
A giant among the pigmies.
A gift delayed, and long expected, is not given, but sold dear.
A gift long expected is sold, not given.
A gift long waited for is sold, not given.
A gift with a kind countenance is a double present.
A gift, though small, is welcome.
A gilt bridle for an old mule.
A gilt-edged visiting card often hides an ugly face.
A girl draws more than a rope.
A girl never grows into a lady.
A girl only gets pregnant once.
A girl receives, a widow takes her husband.
A girl that blushes too much, knows too much.
A girl unemployed is thinking of mischief.
A girl with a golden cradle doesn't remain long in her father's house.
A girl with cotton stockings never sees a mouse.
A girl without a friend is like the spring without roses.
A girl without a mother is like a mountain with no paths; a girl without a father is like a mountain with no streams.
A girl without a needle is like a cat without a claw.
A girl young and a coffee hot.
A girl, a vineyard and a beanfield are difficult to guard.
A glad heart seldom sighs, but a sorrowful mouth often laughs.
A glutton is never satisfied.
A glutton is one who digs his grave with his teeth.
A glutton young, a beggar old.
A goaded mule must trot.
A goat may have a beard, but not the mind of a man.
A goat thief came along and they put him in jail.
A gold key opens every door.
A gold ring does not cure a felon.
A golden bit makes none the better horse.
A golden cage does not feed the bird.
A golden hammer breaks an iron gate.
A golden handshake convinces even the most skeptical judge.
A golden key opens every door except that of heaven.
A golden key will open every lock.
A golden plate is worth nothing to me when my blood is spilled on it.
A good Jack makes a good Jill.
A good advice is as good as an eye in the hand.
A good anvil does not fear the hammer.
A good anvil fears no hammer.
A good appetite does not want sauce.
A good appetite needs no sauce.
A good armchair makes the backside soft and the heart hard.

A good backside will easily find a bench to sit on.
A good bargain is a pick-purse.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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