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Proverbs Starting with letter G - part 2
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Gone is gone; no Jew will lend upon it.
Good accounting makes good friends.
Good accounts make good friends.
Good actions are never lost.

Good advice is as good as an eye in the hand.
Good advice is beyond all price.
Good advice is given; good esteem is no given.
Good advice is often annoying -- bad advice never is.
Good advice is worth gold' / good advice is expensive.
Good advice once was worth a camel; now that it is free of charge, no one takes it.
Good and bad make up a city.
Good and quickly seldom meet.
Good as drink is, it ends in thirst.
Good bargains are ruinous.
Good bargains empty the purse.
Good bargains empty your pockets.
Good behavior is a virtue for the man -- bad behavior is the virtue of a woman.
Good blood never lies.
Good blood will never lie.
Good brotherhood is the best wealth.
Good comes slowly.
Good comes to better, and better to bad.
Good company makes short miles.
Good company on a journey is worth a coach.
Good company on the road is the shortest of short cuts.
Good corn is not reaped from a bad field.
Good counsel comes over night.
Good counsel never comes too late.
Good counsel will not rot, if it be got in dry.
Good day, axe-handles.
Good debts become bad unless called in.
Good deeds are the best prayer.
Good deeds banish bad ones.
Good diagnosis, good cure.
Good drink drives out bad thoughts.
Good eating deserves good drinking.
Good eyes don't fear smoke.

Good faith is a seldom guest, when you have him, hold him fast.
Good faith stole the cow.
Good fences make good neighbors.
Good fortune is loaned, not owned.
Good fortune may forbode bad luck, which may in turn disguise good fortune.
Good fortune wears a pretty dress but its underclothes do not bear investigation.
Good fruit never comes from a bad tree.
Good habits result from resisting temptation.
Good has many names, bad many customs.
Good health and good sense are two great blessings.
Good health is the sister of beauty.
Good health is worth more than the greatest wealth.
Good hunters track narrowly.
Good is good, but better beats it.
Good is the delay which makes sure.
Good is the fowl which another rears.
Good judgment is the road to paradise.
Good land should not be quitted for a bad landlord.
Good leading makes good following.
Good looking and good luck don't always walk the same road.
Good looking apples are sometimes sour.
Good luck beats early rising.
Good luck comes in slender currents, misfortune in a rolling tide.
Good luck in business is like the froth on an ox's face.
Good luck lasts not for ever.
Good luck makes its way in by elbowing.
Good luck, with good looking after!.
Good management is better than good income.
Good manners and plenty of money will make my son a gentlemen.
Good manners can be paid for with compliments, but only the sound of money will pay your debts.
Good medicine often has a bitter taste.
Good memories last long, bad ones last longer.
Good men are hard to find.
Good men are scarce.
Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names.
Good millet is known at the harvest.
Good morrow spectacles, farewell lasses.
Good nature without prudence is foolishness.
Good neighbours give good days.
Good never comes too often.
Good news always comes from far away.
Good news crawls on its belly; bad news has wings.
Good news is rumoured and bad news flies.
Good or bad we must all live.
Good pay makes happy workers.
Good people live far asunder.

Good people, like clouds, receive only to give away.
Good qualities never cancel out the bad, just as sugar is no antidote for poison.
Good remains are nice to have.
Good repute is better than a golden belt.
Good right needs good help.
Good seed makes a good crop.
Good start, half success.
Good swimmers are drowned at last.
Good table, bad will.
Good take heed doth surely speed.
Good talk saves the food.
Good things (or people) come in small packages.
Good things are never cheap.
Good things come in small packages.
Good things require time.
Good things sell themselves; those that are bad have to be advertised.
Good things soon find a purchaser.
Good thongs may be cut out of other people's hides.
Good tools make good workers.
Good tree, good fruit.
Good tree, good fruits.
Good ware was never dear.
Good watch prevents misfortune.
Good watching drives away ill-luck.
Good will gives wings to the feet.
Good wind needs no bush.
Good wine is milk for the aged.
Good wine makes good blood.
Good wine makes the horse go.
Good wine needs no bush.
Good wine needs no crier.
Good wine needs no sign.
Good wine needs no vine.
Good wine praises itself.
Good wine ruins the purse, and bad the stomach.
Good wine sells itself.
Good wines needs no bush.
Good words and bad acts deceive both wise and wimple.
Good words and bad deeds deceive both wise and simple.
Good words and no deeds are rushes and reeds.
Good words break no bones.
Good words cool more than cold water.
Good words fill not a sack.
Good, good, good, but God keep my mule out of his rye.
Good, that comes too late, is good as nothing.
Goodness reaches further than badness.
Goodness shouts. Evil whispers.
Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts.
Goodwill makes the road shorter.

Gorge what's been well cooked, drink what's available (alcohol) 'klar' -> clear OR available/ready (colloquial) fuck what's around.
Gossip needs no carriage.
Gossipers are the devil's trumpeters.
Gossiping and lying go hand in hand.
Gossips always suspect that others are talking about them.
Got a stone but didn't get a nut to crack, got a nut but didn't get a stone to crack it with.
Got with the fife, spent with the drum.
Govern a family as you would cook a small fish -- very gently.
Govern a family as you would cook a small fish--very gently.
Govern a horse with a bit, and a shrew with a stick.
Govern your passions, or they will govern you.
Govern yourself and you can govern the world.
Grain and graciousness grow on good ground.
Grain by grain the hen fills her crop.
Grain by grain the hen fills the crop.
Grain by grain, a loaf; stone by stone, a castle.
Grandma gave a dinar to dance, and two to stop. (Be careful what you wish for.).
Granny (told fortunes and) said two things (— it will either rain or snow; it either will or will not).
Grapes do not grow in a willow tree.
Grapes picked too early don't even make good vinegar.
Grapes will darken by looking at each other.
Grasp all, lose all.
Grasp no more than thy hand will hold.
Grass does not grow on the nose of a thief.
Grass doesn't grow on a busy street.
Grass fears the frost, frost fears the sun.
Grass grows not upon the highway.
Grass grows on its roots.
Grass is greener in other pastures.
Grass will not grow on a volcano.
Gratitude and wheat prosper only on good soil.
Gratitude is the heart's memory.
Graves are filled with after-the-fact wisdom.
Gray and green make the worst medley.
Gray hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom.
Gray hair is a sign of age, not wisdom.
Gray hairs are death's blossoms.
Grease a churl's boots and he'll say you are burning them.
Grease to the wheels.
Great abilities produce great vices as well as virtues.
Great birth is a very poor dish at table.
Great blessings come from Heaven; small blessings come from man.
Great blessings come from heaven; small blessings come from man.
Great boast, little roast.
Great boast, small roast.
Great boast. little roast.
Great boaster, little doer.
Great boasters, little doers.
Great business is good; to sit and sip this glass is better.
Great care is no defense against Fate.
Great consolation may grow out of the smallest saying.
Great cry and little wool, as the man said who shaved the sow.
Great cry and little wool.
Great cry little wool.
Great cry, little milk.
Great deeds come from times of shortage.
Great disputing repels truth.
Great doubts deep wisdom. Small doubts little wisdom.
Great events cast their shadows before them.
Great events may stem from words of no importance.
Great fish are caught in great waters.
Great fish feed on the lesser.
Great fishes break the net.
Great fools must have great bells.
Great gaps may be filled with small stones.
Great greediness to reap, helps not the money-heap.
Great griefs are mute.
Great hate follows great love.
Great is the victory that is gained without bloodshed.
Great lords have long hands, but they do not reach to heaven.
Great lords will have much, and poor folk can give but little.
Great men have big hearts.
Great men may just with saints.
Great men's requests are commands.
Great men's servants don't think little of themselves.
Great men's vices are accounted sacred.
Great minds think alike, as do lesser ones.
Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ.
Great minds think alike.
Great needs grow from great possessions.
Great oaks from little acorns grow.
Great people give it with reproaches.
Great promisers, bad paymasters.
Great say-masters, bad pay-masters.
Great scholars are not the shrewdest men.

Great smoke, little roast.
Great souls have wills; feeble ones have only wishes.
Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
Great talents mature late.
Great talker, great liar.
Great talkers are commonly liars.
Great talkers are little doers.
Great talkers are not great doers.
Great talkers, little doers.
Great thieves always have their sleeves full of gags.
Great thieves hang little thieves.
Great thieves punish little ones.
Great things can be reduced to small things, and small things can be reduced to nothing.
Great things can best be said in silence.
Great trees are envied by the wind.
Great trees give more shade than fruit.
Great villainy is often called loyalty.
Great wealth, great care.
Great weights may hang on small wires.
Great wits meet.
Greater qualities are needed to baer good fortune than bad.
Greater qualities are needed to bear good fortune than bad.
Greatness alone in not enough, or the cow would outrun the hare.
Greatness is not achieved with violence.
Greed is the root of all evil.' (theme of the Pardoner's Tale from the ).
Greed keeps men forever poor, even the abundance of this world will not make them rich.
Greed makes you stupid.
Greedy fowk hae long arms.
Greeks only agree with each other about going to the toilet.
Green Christmas, a white Easter.
Green leaves and brown leaves fall from the same tree.
Green logs hardly burn, and he who sleeps too much hardly learns anything.
Green wood gives more smoke than heat.

Greet everyone cordially when you don't know who your in-laws are going to be.
Grey hair into beard, devil into rib.
Grey hairs are death's blossoms.
Grief for a dead wife lasts to the door.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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