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Proverbs Starting with letter M - part 3
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Money is more eloquent that a dozen members of parliament.
Money is not gained by losing time.
Money is only good for a weekday, a holiday, and a rainy day.

Money is only needed to pay back a debt.
Money is power.
Money is round, and rolls.
Money is round, it must roll.
Money is sharper than a sword.
Money is sweet balm.
Money is the best servant.
Money is the devil's eye.
Money is the key that opens all locks.
Money is the measure of all things.
Money is the root of all evil.
Money is the sinew of war.
Money is truthful. If a man speaks of his honor, make him pay cash.
Money isn't everything.
Money kills more than do weapons.
Money lent, an enemy made.
Money likes a count.
Money makes a man.
Money makes dogs dance.
Money makes even dogs dance.
Money makes money.
Money makes the mare go.
Money makes the mare to go.
Money makes the world go around.
Money purifies everything.
Money rules the world.
Money saved is as good as money gained.
Money soothes more than a gentleman's words.
Money soothes more than the words of a cavalier.
Money spent on the mind is never spent in vain.
Money sticks to money.
Money swore an oath that nobody that did not love it should ever have it.
Money taken, freedom forsaken.
Money talks.
Money talks -- everything else walks.
Money talks; mine always says, 'Good-bye!.
Money turns bad into good.

Money was made to be counted.
Money will buy you everything but good sense.
Money will do more than my lord's letter.
Money wins the battle, not the long arm.
Money, like a queen, gives rank and beauty.
Monkey see, monkey do.
Monks, mice, rats, vermin, seldom sunder without harming.
Mony sma's mak a great.
More afraid than hurt.
More are drowned in the bowl than in the sea.
More belongs to dancing than a pair of dancing-shoes.
More belongs to riding than a pair of boots.
More blind than the cast-off skin of a serpent.
More cost, more worship.
More die by food than famine.
More festive than the feast itself is the day before.
More flies are caught with a spoonful of syrup than with a barrel full of vinegar.
More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar.
More flies are taken with a drop of honey than a tun of vinegar.
More grows in a garden than the gardener sows there.
More haste at a task will lead to the task being completed less speedily. As with many English proverbs, it describes consequences rather than giving an order.
More haste less speed.
More haste, less speed.
More is done with words than with hands.
More lambs than sheep are slaughtered.
More law, less justice.' (, 'De officiis' I, 10, 33).
More like than egg to egg.
More luck than wit.
More money only causes more problems.
More naked than the cast-off skin of a serpent.
More people are slain by supper than by the sword.
More people are threatened than are beaten up.
More people die from overeating than from undernourishment.
More people drown in glasses than in rivers.
More people know Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows.
More precious than our children are the children of our children.
More smoke than flame.
More than enough is too much.
More than one mother can make tasty soup.
More than one war has been caused by a single word.
More than we use is more than we want.
More the hurry, more the obstacles.
More things grow in the garden than the gardener sows.
More unlucky than dogs in church.
Morning dreams come true.
Morning hour has gold in its mouth.
Morning hour has gold in the mouth.
Morning is smarter than evening.
Morning is wiser than the evening.

Morning rain and women's tears dry as fast as each other.
Moscow wasn't biult at once.
Moses (i.e. a Jew) does not play because he has not the means.
Moss grows on a lying stone.
Most bitter are the quarrels of brothers.
Most haste, worst speed.
Most insects are to be found near the blossoms.
Most men employ the earlier part of their life to make the other miserable.
Most people forget everything except being ungrateful.
Most people like short prayers and long sausages.
Mother Nature, time and patience are the three best doctors.
Mother earth promised to tell her secrets to heaven.
Mother's anger is like spring snow: a lot of it may fall, but it will melt away shortly.
Mother's love is ever in its spring.
Mother's truth keeps constant youth.
Mother, I must have a husband, or I shall set fire to the house.
Mother, marry me, marry me, or the gull will fly away with me.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can be cooked together but they will never be tender.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, storm and hail.
Mothers raise their daughters and let their sons grow up.
Mothers-in-law are fine so long as they are deaf and blind.
Mothers-in-law are hard of hearing.
Mountain does not meet mountain, but a face meets another face.
Mountain won't meet mountain, but man will meet man.
Mountaineers are Always Free' — Motto of the of.
Mountains are used to snow.
Mountains never unite. Haughty people rarely fraternize.].
Mountains won't endure on what lies ready.
Moustache is respected and beard is worn even by goats.
Moustaches hide the imperfections of the mouth.
Mouth and heart are wide apart.
Mouth doesn't get sweet just by saying 'halva.
Mouth from honey, heart of gall.
Mouth of honey, heart of gall.
Mouth shut and eyes open.
Move your neck according to the music.
Much ado and little help.
Much always longs for more.
Much as I like you, puppy, but not enough to give you bread.
Much broth is sometimes made with little meat.
Much caution does no harm.
Much chatter, little wit.
Much coin, much care.
Much cry and little wool.
Much is forgotten by those who don't know.
Much kindred, much trouble.
Much laughter, little wisdom.
Much laughter, little wit.
Much law, but little justice.

Much meat, much disease.
Much meat, much maladies.
Much memory and little judgment.
Much money, much friends.
Much more than you have sown will grow in your garden.
Much never cost little.
Much noise from nothing.
Much smoke, and little roast.
Much straw and little corn.
Much talk little work.
Much talk, little work.
Much talking, much erring.
Much taste, much waste.
Much water passes by the mill that the miller perceives not.
Much water runs by while the miller sleeps.
Much wisdom is lost in poor men's mouths.
Much wisdom is smothered in a poor man's head.
Much wit is lost in a poor man's purse.
Much worship, much cost.
Much would have more.
Much would have more, and lost all.
Mud houses don't burn.
Muddied water does not reflect.
Muddy springs will have muddy streams.
Muddy water won't do for a mirror.
Mules are always boasting that their ancestors were horses.
Mules help to scratch each other. The bad commend each other.].
Mules make a great fuss about their ancestors having been donkeys.
Mules make a great fuss about their ancestors having been horses.
Murder will out.
Music helps not the toothache.
Music induces more madness in many than wine.
Music is the best cure for a sorrowing mind.
Music is the handmaid of divinity.
Music provokes love.
Must is a hard nut.
Mustard after the meal.
Mute as a fish.
Mutual affection is when each gives his share.
Mutual gifts cement friendship.
My No is as good as your Yes.
My chest locked, my soul safe.
My chicken is good, but my neighbor's looks better.
My debtor is a worse payer even than I am.
My dog slaps you with his tail and bites you with his teeth.
My donkey is dead; let no more grass grow.
My enemy's liver is the sheath of my sword.
My fathers planted for me, and I planted for my children.
My friend's enemy is often my best friend.

My gossips don't like me because I tell them truths.
My house is at the end of the street; so I have no idea what's going on.
My job is to scream, 'cock-a-doodle-doo'; from then on, it may not dawn.
My life and soul (are at your service), but not my pack-saddle.
My life and soul at your service, but not the pack-saddle.
My money, your money, let us go to the tavern.
My neighbour's goat gives more milk than mine.
My neighbour's hen lays more eggs than mine.
My shirt is closer to me than my cloak.
My shirt is nearer than my cloak.
My sister's son is a kinsman beyond dispute.
My skin is closer to me than my shirt is.
My skirt with tears is always wet: I have forgotten to forget.
My skirt with tears is always wet: I have forgotten to forget.
My son, too old is the Earth don't make fun of it.
My teeth are nearer than my kindred.
My teeth before my relations.
My tongue is enemy mine(, speaks ahead of mind).
My word is my bond.
Mr has a maid and yet M?r has to beg.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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