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Proverbs Starting with letter W - part 10
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Woe to the house where the hen crows and the rooster is still.
Woe to the mule that sees not her master.
Wolf doesn't eat wolf.

Wolf from is your buddy.
Wolf in sheep's pelt.
Wolves are often hidden under sheep's clothing.
Wolves do not eat each other.
Wolves don't eat each other.
Wolves don't eat wolves.
Wolves never gossip about each other.
Woman (decides), impromptu; man, on reflection.
Woman has a great power on man.
Woman is always a changeable and capricious thing.' ( 6:126).
Woman is fickle, man beware!.
Woman was born three days earlier than the devil.
Woman without man is like a field without seed.
Woman's beauty, the forest echo, and rainbows, soon pass away.
Woman's hair is long, and mind is short.
Woman, wind, and luck soon change.
Women always speak the truth, but not the whole truth.
Women and calendars are good only for a year.
Women and cats in the house, men and dogs in the street.
Women and fishes are best in the middle.
Women and fools never forgive.
Women and glass are always in danger.
Women and glasses are always in danger.
Women and hens are lost by too much gadding.
Women and maidens must be praised, whether truly or falsely.
Women and melons are at their best when they are really ripe.
Women and wine rid a man of his common sense.
Women are always better the following year.
Women are as beautiful as flowers when they are forty years old.
Women are as changeable as the sea.
Women are as fickle as April weather.
Women are as wavering as the wind.
Women are just like cats -- they always land on their feet.
Women are like raindrops: some fall on palaces, others on ricefields.
Women are like wasps in their anger.
Women are necessary evils.
Women are never at a loss for words.

Women are supernumerary when present, and missed when absent.
Women are watches that keep bad time.
Women are wise impromptu, fools on reflection.
Women believe the strangest of lies as long as they are wrapped up in praise.
Women can keep only one secret -- their own.
Women do not drink liquor but it disappears when they are present.
Women do not drink liquor, but it disappears when they are present.
Women have long skirts and short minds.
Women in state affairs are like monkeys in glass-houses.
Women know a point more than the devil.
Women naturally deceive, weep and spin.
Women never praise without gossiping.
Women only keep quiet about their age.
Women prefer to be beautiful rather than good.
Women rouge that they may not blush.
Women when injured are generally not easily appeased.
Women who are often at the looking-glass seldom spin.
Women's jars breed men's wars.
Women's quarrels cause the men's wars.
Women's tears are a fountain of craft.
Women, asses, and nuts, require strong hands.
Women, fortune, and gold, favour fools.
Women, melons, and cheese are bought by the weight.
Women, money, and wine have their balm and their harm.
Women, priests, and poultry, never have enough.
Women, wind, and fortune, soon change.
Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.
Wonders will never cease.
Woo the widow whilst she is in weeds.
Wood already touched by fire is not hard to set alight.
Wood may remain ten years in the water, but it will never become a crocodile.
Wood that is on top of the woodpile laughs at the wood in the fire.
Woods have ears and fields have eyes.
Woods have ears, fields have eyes.
Woollen clothing keeps the skin healthy.
Word by word the big books are made.
Word is silver, silence is gold.
Words are but dwarfs, examples are giants.
Words are but sands; 'tis money buys lands.
Words are dwarfs, deeds are giants.
Words are female, deeds are male.
Words are feminine, deeds masculine.
Words are for women, actions for men.
Words are good, but fowls lay eggs.
Words are good, when works follow.
Words are like eggs: when they are hatched they have wings.
Words are like eggs: when they are hatched they have wings.
Words are like newly hatched eggs: they already have wings.
Words are like spears: Once they leave your lips they can never come back.

Words are like the spider's web: a shelter for the clever ones and a trap for the not-so-clever.
Words are mere bubbles of water; deeds are drops of gold.
Words are silvery and silence is golden.
Words are sweet but they can never replace food.
Words are wasted on a starving man.
Words butter not parsnips.
Words die and men keep on living.
Words do not fill your purse.
Words do not physically hurt.
Words don't will the sack.
Words fly away, but writings remain.
Words fly, written stays.
Words from the heart reach the heart, words from the mouth reach the ear.
Words go further than bullets.
Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles.
Words have no wings but they can fly many thousands of miles.
Words in mouth, no load upon head.
Words instruct, illustrations lead.
Words may either conceal character or reveal it.
Words must be weighed not counted.
Words must be weighed, not counted.
Words of snow, which fell last year.
Words often do more than blows.
Words once spoken cannot be wiped out with a sponge.
Words pay no debts.
Words should be weighed, not counted.
Words show the wit of a man, but actions his meaning.
Words that come from the heart stay warm three winters long.
Words uttered only causes confusion. Words written only causes history.
Words will not pollute the soup.
Words won't feet cats.
Words? The wind blow them.
Work and you will be strong; sit and you will smell.
Work and you will be strong; sit and you will stink.
Work brings health.
Work done expects money.
Work ennobles.
Work expands so as to fill the time available.
Work improves the harvest better than the field itself.
Work involves work.
Work is afraid of a skilled worker.
Work is good provided you do not forget to live.
Work is half of health.
Work is our business; it's success is God s.
Work is rewarding.
Work is the medicine for poverty.
Work is the source of all good.
Work is twice done by the man in a hurry.

Work is unlike wolf; it won't run to the woods.
Work like a slave and eat like a gentleman.
Work makes free.
Work makes the workman.
Work makes you into a hunchback and then rich.
Work my slave and I'll work with you.
Work paid for in advance has feet of lead.
Work relieves us from three great evils, boredom, vice, and want.
Work teaches it's doer.
Work thanks its doer.
Work to get warm? It's better to die of cold.
Work will not run out by working.
Working and painting are better from a distance.
Working hard or hardly working?.
Working kills nobody.
Working on the land is better than praying in the desert.
Workmen are easier found than masters.
Works are harder than words.' i.e. 'Easier said than done.
Works have a stronger voice than words.
World Wartime mantra encouraging people to avoid talking about things which could have been overheard by spies.
Worldly good is ebb and flood.
Worldly prosperity is like writing on water.
Worm has seen itself among snakes and says where do we snakes go.
Worms don't like the robin's song.
Wormy beans will have blind buyers.
Worries go better with soup than without.
Worries go down better with soup.
Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.
Worrying never did anyone any good.
Worse is the fear of war than war itself.
Worship the Creator not His creation.
Worthless is the advice of fools.
Worthless people blame their karma.
Would I know where I will fall down, I'd lay some straw at that spot ahead of time.
Would you be strong, conquer yourself.
Would you have potatoes grow by the pot-side?.
Would you know your daughter? See her in company.
Would you shear a donkey for wool!.
Would you take water to the frog?.
Wounds from the knife are healed, but not those from the tongue.
Wounds heal, but not ill words.
Wounds pain most when grown cool.
Wrap yourself together in a carpet and roll together with your kinsmen.
Wrath begins in madness and ends in repentance.
Wrath often consumes what god gives husbands.
Wrinkles are the gravestones of love.
Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present.
Write injuries in sand, kindnesses in marble.

Write injuries in the sand, kindnesses in marble.
Wrongdoers and assenting parties are equally punishable.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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