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Proverbs Starting with letter S - part 2
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Some birds avoid the water, ducks look for it.
Some day Peter will command as much as his master.
Some days you get the bear, other days the bear gets you.

Some eat the figs, others get cracks in mouth.
Some evils are cured by contempt.
Some families are like potatoes -- all that's good of them is underground.
Some fathers love another man's daughter most.
Some go to law, for the wagging of a straw.
Some have been thought brave because they didn't have the courage to run away.
Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.
Some have bread who have no teeth left.
Some have fine eyes and can't see a jot.
Some have the fame, and other card the wool.
Some like the priest, some like the wife of the priest.
Some many heads, so many brains.
Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.
Some men have only one book in them, others a library.
Some men will build a wine cellar when they have found just one grape.
Some men wonder over God's values, others over the cut of a garment.
Some of the sweetest berries grow among the sharpest thorns.
Some people are born hammers, others anvils.
Some people are electrifying, they light up a room when they leave.
Some people want to be praised for the rest of their lives for what they have done well for one day.
Some perceived good things may have unintended bad consequences.
Some prefer carrots while others like cabbage.
Some roads aren't meant to be travelled alone.
Some sell and don't deliver.
Some sing who are not merry.
Some small spark may yet by chance lie hidden.
Some sow, others read.
Some things are better praised by silence than by remark.
Some things seem better from far but are far from better.
Some think they have done when they are only beginning.
Some thinking to avenge their shame increase it.
Some who just tell tales of themselves.
Some who mean only to warm, burn themselves.
Some who will not speak against another, in the end does them harm.
Some will enjoy the honey, others will have to put up with the sting.
Some will, some don't, so what!.
Someone already wet will not be afraid of water.

Someone else's legs are no good to you when you're travelling.
Someone else's pain is easy to carry.
Someone who can hold on to his money is worth more than the one who earns it.
Someone who gossips to you will gossip about you.
Someone who speaks about 'my inferiors' doesn't have them.
Someone with an unrelenting heart is his own executioner.
Someone's end is someone's beginning.
Something done at the wrong time should be regarded as not done.
Something else, yet still the same.
Something is better than nothing.
Something is either done or it is not done.
Something that is well diagnosed can be cured well.
Something to every one is good division.
Something worth doing is worth doing well.
Something you don't want is dear at any price.
Something you stole will be also stolen from you.
Sometimes I go about in pity for myself, and all the while a great wind is bearing me across the sky.
Sometimes I go about pitying myself / And all the while I am being carried across the sky / By beautiful clouds.
Sometimes abbreviated GIGO.
Sometimes an egg is given for an ox.
Sometimes even the good slumbers' (i.e. even the best of us makes mistakes); originally 'quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus', , Ars Poetica.
Sometimes even the intestine and the stomach disagree.
Sometimes it takes only an hour to get a reputation that lasts for a thousand years.
Sometimes it's dense, sometimes it's empty(, sometimes there's nothing).
Sometimes the body becomes healthy by being very sick.
Sometimes the cry of the animal is worse than the animal itself.
Sometimes the lees are better than the wine.
Sometimes the whole nation has to pay for the foolish deed of one man.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice your beard in order to save your head.
Sometimes you have to throw yourself into the fire to escape from the smoke.
Sometimes you must be cruel to be kind.
Sometimes, jocularly from above: The proof of the eating is in the size of the pudding.
Son of a priest, grandson of the devil.
Soon enough if well enough.
Soon enough is well enough.
Soon fire, soon ashes.
Soon found, soon lost.
Soon gained soon squandered.
Soon grass, soon hay.
Soon learned, soon forgotten.
Soon ripe, soon rotten.
Soon ripe, soon rotten; soon wise, soon foolish.
Sooner could you hide an elephant under your armpit.
Sooner or later the day comes when the tumor can be lanced.
Sooner or later the truth comes to light.
Sooner shall earth mount to heaven.
Sooner will a beetle make honey.
Sooner will the tamarisk bear apples.
Sooner will the wolf take the sheep for a wife.

Sorrow and ill weather come unsent for.
Sorrow brings on premature old age.
Sorrow does not pay any debts.
Sorrow doesn't kill -- reckless joy does.
Sorrow doesn't kill, but it blights.
Sorrow dwells on the confines of pleasure.
Sorrow follows pleasure.
Sorrow for a husband is like a pain in the elbow, sharp and short.
Sorrow is like a precious treasure, shown only to friends.
Sorrow is like rice in an attic: you use a little every day and at the end it is all gone.
Sorrow is the child of too much joy.
Sorrow is the seed of wealth.
Sorrow is to the soul what the worm is to wood.
Sorrow seldom comes alone.
Sorrow will pay no debts.
Sorrow, nobody dies about it.
Sorrows are valuable treasures that you only show to your friends.
Sorrows come uninvited.
Soup must be hot -- insults cold.
Sour grapes will ne'er make sweet wine.
Sour wine, old bacon, and rye bread keep a house rich.
Sour' said the fox about rowanberries.
Sour, said the fox about rowan berries, not being able to reach them.
Sour, sweet, bitter, pungent, all must be tasted.
Sow corn in clay, and plant vines in sand.
Sow dry and set wet.
Sow much, reap much; sow little, reap little.
Sow not money on the sea lest it sink.
Sow not money on the sea, lest it sink.
Spanish is the language of lovers, Italian is for the singer, French for diplomats, and German for horses.
Spare at the spigot, and let out the bunghole.
Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Spare the rod, spoil the child.
Spare to speak and spare to speed.
Spare us what we can learn to endure.
Spare well and have to spend.
Sparrows should not dance with cranes, their legs are too short.
Sparrows who emulate peacocks are likely to break a thigh.
Speak and the man shall be shown.
Speak highly of the lake, but stay on the bank.
Speak little and to the purpose.
Speak little and well if you wish to be esteemed a person of merit.
Speak little and well, they will think you somebody.
Speak little of your ill luck, and boast not of your good luck.
Speak little, speak truth. Spend little, pay cash.
Speak not against the dead.
Speak not ill of the year until it is past.
Speak not of my debts unless you mean to pay them.
Speak of the Devil and he appears.

Speak of the Evil and he'll always pop up.
Speak of the devil and he appears.
Speak of the dog and pick up the stick.
Speak of the gray one (i.e. wolf), the gray one heads your way.
Speak only the best of the dead.
Speak the truth and shame the devil.
Speak the truth, but leave immediately after.
Speak well of your friend; of your enemy neither well nor ill.
Speak well of your friend; of your enemy say nothing.
Speak when you are spoken to.
Speak, that I may see thee.
Speaking French is no proof of intelligence.
Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding.
Speaking is silver, being silent is gold.
Speaking is silver, silence is gold.
Speaking of the donkey (and the donkey comes).
Speaking silence is better than senseless speech.
Speech both conceals and reveals the thoughts of men.
Speech is oft repented, silence seldom.
Speech is often repented, silence never.
Speech is silver, but silence is golden.
Speech is silver, silence is golden.
Speech is silver; silence is golden.
Speedy exception is the mother of good fortune.
Speedy execution is the mother of good fortune.
Speedy rise, speedy fall.
Spend not, where you may save; spare not, where you must spend.
Spending is quick, earning is slow.
Spending it is like pouring water into sand.
Spendthrifts are always of necessity greedy and covetous.
Spent as earned.
Spices are good but not too much.
Spilled water is better than a broken jar.
Spilled wine is a sign of happiness, but break the bed and all will have long faces.
Spilt salt is never well collected.
Spinner, spin softly, you disturb me; I am praying.
Spirit is the sword and experience the sharpening stone.
Spit not in the well, you may have to drink its water.
Splendour without diminishment.' (motto of British Columbia).
Spoken word is not a sparrow: once it flies out, you can't catch it.
Spouses that love each other say a thousand things without speaking.
Spread the table and contention will cease.
Spread the word of a Psalm and it becomes a popular song.
Spring has come when you can put your foot on three daisies.
Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.
Spring succeeds to winter.
Spring will not come with one flower.
Spur not a free horse to death.
Spur not a willing horse.

Spurs that are too sharp make even the mule rear.
St. Swithin's Day, if thou dost rain, for forty days it will remain; St. Swithin's Day, if thou be fair, for forty days 'twill rain no more.
Stagnant water grows stinking.
Stagnant waters putrefy.
Stairs are climbed step by step.
Stand away from a horse's heels.
Stand away from dwarfs, for it's God who hit them on the head.
Stand so long until grass grows under your foot.
Stand up, cent, let the dollar sit down.
Stand up, farthing, let the florin sit down.
Standing pools gather filth.
Standing with the mouth full of teeth.
Starlings are lean because they go in flocks.
Starlings are skinny because they fly in a group.
Starting the work is two thirds of it.
Starved lice bite the hardest.
Stay a while, and lose a mile.
Stay where there are songs.
Steal a bell with one's ears covered.
Steal goods and you'll go to prison, steal lands and you are a king.
Stealing leads to poverty.
Stealing may bring profit, but hanging costs far more.
Steel whets steel.
Steep hills fatigued Sivka (ash-grey horse).
Step by step one goes far.
Step by step one goes to Rome.
Step by step one goes very far.
Step on a crack break your mother's back.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.
Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.
Still he fisheth that catcheth one.
Still water breeds vermin.
Still water undermines the bank.
Still water wears down mountains.
Still waters are deep.
Still waters run deep.
Stock-fish are made tender by much beating.
Stolen bread stirs the appetite.
Stolen fruit is sweet.
Stolen fruit is the sweetest.
Stolen house, bars on the door.
Stolen sugar is the sweetest.
Stolen waters are sweet.
Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. Proverbs 9:17.
Stolen waters are the sweetest.
Stone dead hath no fellow.
Stones decay; words last.
Stones or bread, one must have something in hand for the dogs.
Stoop, and let it pass; the storm will have its way.
Stop and smell the roses.
Stop, look and listen.
Stopping at third base adds no more to the score than striking out.
Stopping is dying.
Storing milk in a sieve, you complain of bad luck?.
Storm in a glass of water.
Straight line is the shortest, straight road is the most safe.
Straightn not the dog's tail even in the bamboo hollow.
Strain not your bow beyond its bent, lest it break.
Straitened circumstances.

Strange sins, strange punishments.
Strangers' meat is the greatest treat.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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