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Proverbs Starting with letter H - part 9
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High birth is a poor dish on the table.
High climbers and deep swimmers never grow old.
High houses are mostly empty in the upper story.

High regions are never without storms.
High trees catch lots of wind.
High trees give more shadow than fruit.
High winds blow on high hills.
Him who errs, forgive once, but never twice.
Hindsight is always 20/20.
Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.
Hire staff but do it yourself.
Hired horses make short miles.
His blood is in his head.
His brains hang at the top of his fez.
His bread fell into the honey.
His courage oozed out at his fingers' ends.
His eyes are like two burnt holes in a blanket.
His face would hang him.
His fore feet though you sever, his grip he'll make good.
His heart fell down to his heels.
His hens lay eggs with two yolks.
His horse's head is too big, it cannot get out of the stable.
His illness is more mental than bodily.
His like Jean de Nivelle's dog, that runs away when he is called.
His money takes the place of wisdom.
His opinions are like water in the bottom of a canoe, going from side to side.
His presents conceal a baited hook.
His tongue says little, but powerful is his right arm.
His whole life he carried his wife on his back.
History is the tutor of life.
History repeats itself.
Hit him with a bean, he will break.
Hit like a bomb.
Hit the iron while it's hot.
Hit two flies with one fly swatter.
Hit two flies with one smack.
Hitch a horse and an mule to the same post; if they don't smell the same, they'll behave the same.
Hitting the bag, aiming at the donkey.
Hitting two flies with one swat.
Hobby horses are dearer than Arabians.

Hobby horses are more expensive than Arabian stallions.
Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.
Hold a candle to the devil!.
Hold a true friend with both your hands.
Hold food in your hand, and the dog will bite it.
Hold my monkey!.
Hold on tight to the words of your ancestors.
Hold on to a true friend with both hands.
Hold short services for minor gods.
Hold tongue correct in mouth.
Hold your children with your heart but teach them with your hands.
Hold your dog in readiness before you start the hare.
Holy place is never empty.
Holyday time will not last forever.
Home affairs are not talked about on the public square.
Home is home though it's never so homely.
Home is home, be it ever so humble.
Home is home, however poor it may be.
Home is where the heart is.
Home saints don't make miracles.
Home, dear home, small as thou art, to me thou art a palace.
Homer sometimes nods.
Honest men marry soon, wise men never.
Honest poverty is thinly sown.
Honest work won't let you live on the stone palace.
Honesty is like an icicle -- if once it melts, that's the end of it.
Honesty is the key to success.
Honesty last longest.
Honesty lasts longest.
Honesty lasts the longest.
Honesty makes you rich, but she works slowly.
Honesty will inherit the earth.
Honesty with poverty is better than ill-gotten wealth.
Honey catches more flies than vinegar.
Honey catches most flies.
Honey cloys.
Honey in his mouth, knives in his heart.
Honey in the mouth, bile in the heart.
Honey is bitter for a sore mouth.
Honey is never far away from the sting.
Honey is not for asses.
Honey is not for the ass's mouth.
Honey is one thing, the price is another.
Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.
Honey was not made for the mouth of the ass.
Honeyed speech often conceals poison and gall.
Honor and money cannot go in the same sack.
Honor buys no meat in the market.
Honor goes to God; the priests get the bacon.

Honor is better than honors.
Honors change behavior.
Honour and profit will not keep in one sack.
Honour blossoms on the grave.
Honour once lost never returns.
Honour the old, teach the young.
Honour the tree that gives you shelter.
Honour's onerous.
Honourable words by the bushel!.
Honours change manners.
Hooray for the difference!.
Hope and expectation are a fool's income.
Hope and strive is the way to thrive.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick.
Hope does not kill; I shall live in hope of getting what I seek another day.
Hope for God, but do not be reliant.
Hope for a miracle, but don't rely on it.
Hope for miracles, but don't rely on one.
Hope for the best.
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.
Hope is a great breakfast but a poor dinner.
Hope is an egg, of which one man gets the yolk, another the white, and a third the shell.
Hope is last to die.
Hope is our only comfort in adversity.
Hope is the bread of the poor.
Hope is the dream of a soul awake.
Hope is the dream of the waking.
Hope is the last one to die.
Hope is the last to abandon the unhappy.
Hope is the last to die.
Hope is the physician of each misery.
Hope springs eternal.
Hope supports men in distress.
Hope sustains the farmer.
Hope won't be cut from the soul that has not expired.
Hopes delayed hang the heart upon tenter-hooks.
Hopes sustains life.
Hopped just as jumped.
Horns are not too heavy for the cow.
Horns do not grow before the head.
Horse, don't die yet, grass is coming.
Horseradish isn't any sweeter than radish.
Horses become acquainted by neighing, people by talking.
Horses for courses.
Horses run after benefices and asses get them.
Hospitality is one form of worship.
Hot sup, hot swallow.

Hour by hour time departs.
Hour by hour, God improves.
Hour uncertain, death certain.
Hours are Time's shafts, and one comes winged with death.
Hours once lost cannot be regained.
Household goods take after the homeowner.
How beautiful is it to do nothing, and then rest afterward.
How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.
How can one start a fast with baklava in one's hand.
How can the cat help it if the maid be a fool?.
How can you expect to find ivory in a dog's mouth?.
How can you put out a fire set on a cart-load of firewood with only a cup of water.
How changed from what he was!.
How did the wise men help with their ruling?.
How easily a hair gets into the butter.
How easily a hair gets into the butter!.
How echo is prompted, it will bounce back.
How good at combing is the bald priest.
How great man would be were he not so arrogant.
How great the sufferings we endure.
How lovely is the sun after rain, and how lovely is laughter after sorrow.
How many accidents keep human life a rolling.
How many daily read the Word, and yet from vice are not deterred.
How much do we resemble that filthy brute the ape!.
How much is that doggy in the window.
How near to guilt without actual guilt.
How quickly with all is a kindness forgotten!.
How shall the enemy of the bride speak well of the wedding?.
How the mighty have fallen.
How to bury people - that's a thing we (Hungarians) know well.
How to dress? When the money is going from you wear anything you like. When the money is coming to you, dress your best.
How to live happily, not luxuriously, is the question.
How we apples swim! said the horse-turd.
How well does Brother Thomas preach; do what he says, not what he does.
How well you live makes a difference, not how long.
How you come by it no one asks; but wealth you must have.
However big the whale may be, the tiny harpoon can rob him of life.
However bright the sun may shine, leave not you cloak at home.
However bright the sun may shine, leave not your cloak at home.
However early you get up you cannot hasten the dawn.
However early you wake up, the sun won't rise earlier.
However foul it be, never say, Of this water I will not drink.
However full the house, the hen finds a corner to lay in.
However hard a thing is thrown into the air, it always falls to the ground.
However high a bird may soar, it seeks its food on earth.
However little you think of the elephant, you can't say it won't fill a pot.
However long the sun shines upon a thistle, it will never become a rose.
However many languages you know, that much of a human you are.
However much fruit a tree bears, it humbles its head that much more.

However much you steal from your state (government), all the same you won't get your own back.
However much, well you feed the wolf, he still looks at the woods.
However muchwould the string wind, the end will be reached anyway.
However poor the elephant, it will be worth more than ten frogs.
However swift a man, he will not outstrip his shadow.
However tall the mountain is, there's a road to the top of it.
However treacherous the sea may be, women are still more so.
Howling makes the wolf bigger than he really is.
Hugs won't remove the desire.
Human blood is all of one colour.
Human blood is heavy; he who has shed it cannot run away.
Humans think, God directs.
Humans thought, God laughed.
Humility, this beautiful virtue, honors the age and the youth.
Humming in one's ear is more (effective) than magic.
Humor to a man is like a feather pillow. It is filled with what is easy to get but gives great comfort.
Hunger and cold give a man up to his enemy.
Hunger and cold surrender a man to his enemy.
Hunger and delay raise up anger.
Hunger brings people down, but pride can help them get up.
Hunger drives good taste away.
Hunger drives the wolf out of the wood.
Hunger eats through stone walls.
Hunger finds no fault with the cookery.
Hunger gives a relish even to raw beans.
Hunger goes in a straight line, desire turns in circles.
Hunger is a good cook.
Hunger is a spice for any meal.
Hunger is felt by a slave and hunger is felt by a king.
Hunger is felt by slave and king alike.
Hunger is not your aunt(, it will not bring you a pie).
Hunger is the best cook.
Hunger is the best cook, but he has nothing to eat.
Hunger is the best flavouring.
Hunger is the best sauce.
Hunger is the best spice.
Hunger leads the wolf to the village.
Hunger sharpens anger.
Hunger sweetens everything but itself.
Hunger teaches us many a lesson.
Hunger transmutes beans into almonds.
Hunger will break through stone walls.
Hunger will lead a fox out of the forest.
Hunger, work, and sweat are the best herbs.
Hungry bellies have no ears.
Hungry flies bite sore.
Hungry flies sting sore.
Hunt in every jungle, for there is wisdom and good hunting in all of them.
Hurried bitches give birth to twisted/dead youngs.
Hurry no man's cattle.
Hurry slowly.
Hurry with leisure.
Hurry, hurry has no blessing.
Hurrying and worrying are not the same as strength.
Hurrying has no blessing.
Husband and wife are the same satan.
Husband, don't see; wife, be blind.
Husband, you are a cuckold; wife, who told you so?.
Hush, brideswoman, I knew all that before.
Hussars pray for war and doctors for fever.
Hussars pray for war, and the doctor for fever.

Hyenas are caught with stinking bait.
Hygiene is two thirds of health.
Hypocrisy is a homage that vice pays to virtue.
Hypocrisy is the mother of peace.
Hypocrites kick with their hind feet while licking with their tongues.
Hypocritical piety is double iniquity.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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