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Proverbs Starting with letter W - part 6
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Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.
Where is there a tree not shaken by the wind?.
Where it is customary the cow is brought to bed.

Where law lacks, honour should eke it out.
Where life is exhausted, death comes.
Where love is there the eye is.
Where love sets the table food tastes at its best.
Where luck is wanting, diligence is useless.
Where man is not, nature is barren.
Where many roosters are crowing it's dawn.
Where might is master, justice is servant.
Where might is right, right is not might.
Where might is the master, justice is the servant.
Where misfortune befals injuries follow.
Where money and counsel are wanting, it is best not to make war.
Where money, there friends.
Where necessity speaks it demands.
Where old age is evil, youth can learn no good.
Where one door is shut another opens.
Where one door shuts another opens.
Where one feels good, there is one's country.
Where one is wise two are happy.
Where people are promising much to you, bring a small bag. (Similar to 'There is no free lunch.').
Where philosophy ends medicine begins.
Where power reigns there is no room for reason.
Where profit is, loss is hiding nearby.
Where remedies are needed, sighing avails not.
Where rich people can make honest money, poor people have to steal.
Where right has no power -- there power likes to be.
Where shall a man have a worse friend than he brings from home.
Where shall the ox go and not plough?.
Where shall the ox go but he must labour, since he knows how?.
Where shall the ox go, and not have to plough?.
Where smoke rises, there must also be a fire.
Where something is thin, that's where it tears.
Where the Devil can't go, he'll send a woman.
Where the Pope is there is Rome.
Where the army goes there is no grass.
Where the bee sucks honey the spider sucks poison.
Where the best wine grows, the worst is drunk.

Where the bird was hatched it haunts.
Where the body wants to rest, there the legs must carry it.
Where the camel is sold for a cent, the mule is worthless.
Where the carcase is, there will the vultures be.
Where the carrion is, there the eagles gather.
Where the cattle are, there the wolf shall die.
Where the cattle stand together, the lion lies down hungry.
Where the rooster is the hen does not crow.
Where the devil can't go himself, he sends an old woman.
Where the devil cannot put his head he puts his tail.
Where the dike (or dam) is lowest the water first runs over.
Where the dike is lowest the water first runs out.
Where the girls are there are no spider's webs.
Where the goat is tied she must browse.
Where the goat leaps, leaps that which sucks her.
Where the heart is past hope, the face is past shame.
Where the heart loves, there the legs walk.
Where the heart would go, there follows the foot.
Where the hedge is low every one will cross it.
Where the hedge is lowest every one goes over.
Where the hedge is lowest men jump over.
Where the hedge is lowest, the devil leaps over.
Where the honey, there the bees.
Where the hostess is beautiful the wine is tasty.
Where the hostess is handsome the wine is good.
Where the law is uncertain there is no law.
Where the lion's skin falls short, borrow of the fox.
Where the love is, thither turns the eye.
Where the needle goes, the thread follows.
Where the pupil is willing; the teachers will appear.
Where the river is deepest it makes the least noise.
Where the sea goes let the sands go.
Where the ship goes the brig can go.
Where the soil is rich, you will find roots' (Apuleio).
Where the sun shines, there is also shade.
Where the thread is weakest it breaks.
Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.
Where the wasp has passed the fly sticks fast.
Where the wolf gets one lamb he looks for another.
Where the woman goes the devil follows.
Where there are birds, there is water.
Where there are geese there is dirt, and where there are women there is talking.
Where there are many midwives, children will be feeble. (Too many cooks spoil the broth.).
Where there are no dogs the fox is a king.
Where there are no dogs the wolves will howl.
Where there are no hounds the fox is king.
Where there are no laws, they can't be broken.
Where there are no sheep, they call the goat princess.
Where there are no swamps there are no frogs.

Where there are no tigers, a wildcat is very self-important.
Where there are six cooks, there is nothing to eat.
Where there are stones the brook babbles.
Where there are too many cooks the soup will be too salty.
Where there are too many workmen, there is little work.
Where there are weapons, there will be wars.
Where there is a bone, there are dogs.
Where there is a rooster the chicken will not crow.
Where there is a glut of words, there is a dearth of intelligence.
Where there is a goal there is a path.
Where there is a sea there are pirates.
Where there is a will there is a way. Where there is no will there is an excuse.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
Where there is action, there is waste.
Where there is activity, there is fertility.
Where there is butter there are flies.
Where there is content there is abundance.
Where there is doubt, there is freedom.' legal, meaning when in doubt the prisoner has to be freed.
Where there is equality there never can be perfect love.
Where there is fish, there is water.
Where there is great love there is great pain.
Where there is harmony, there is victory.
Where there is laughter happiness likes to be.
Where there is least heart there is most tongue.
Where there is life there is hope.
Where there is little bread, cut first.
Where there is love there is no darkness.
Where there is love, there is happiness.
Where there is love, there is pain.
Where there is love, there is peace.
Where there is no bridge the smallest plank is of great value.
Where there is no fear, there is no pity.
Where there is no fire, no smoke rises.
Where there is no honey, we have to make do with treacle.
Where there is no honour there is no dishonour.
Where there is no jealousy there is no love.
Where there is no shame, there is no honor.
Where there is no sore there needs no plaister.
Where there is no vision, people perish.
Where there is no wealth there is no poverty.
Where there is no wife, there is no home.
Where there is no wine, we need medicine.
Where there is no wit within no wit will come out.
Where there is nothing the king loses his rights.
Where there is nothing to gain, there is a lot to lose.
Where there is nothing, the Emperor loses his right.
Where there is room for two there is room for three.
Where there is sea there will always be pirates.
Where there is shame, there is virtue.

Where there is smoke there is fire.
Where there is smoke, there is fire too.
Where there is sugar, there are bound to be ants.
Where there is sugar, there are mice.
Where there is sunshine, there is also shade.
Where there is wealth, friends abound.
Where there no fools, there would be no wise men.
Where there's a carcass, there will be vultures.
Where there's a rooster, hens don't crow.
Where there's a will there's a way.
Where there's a will to condemn there is also evidence.
Where there's a will, there is a way.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
Where there's fire there's smoke.
Where there's honey, there are bees.
Where there's life, there's hope.
Where there's muck there's brass.
Where there's no fire there's no smoke.
Where there's no good within, no good comes out.
Where there's no jealousy, there's no love.
Where there's no love, all faults are seen.
Where there's no love, there's no honour.
Where there's no might there's no right.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
Where there's smoke, there's toast.
Where they eat your meat let them pick the bones.
Where they give things, they can take them too.
Where two fall out, the third wins.
Where vain-glory reigns, folly is prime counsellor.
Where vice goes before, vengeance follows after. - 'Divers Proverbs', Nathan Bailey, 1721 https://www.fromoldbooks.org/proverbs/pages/pp72-73/].
Where vice is vengeance follows.
Where villany goes before, vengeance follows after.
Where water has been, water will come again.
Where water is the boss, there must the land obey.
Where will is right, law is banished.
Where wine appears the doctor disappears.
Where wine goes in, modesty goes out.
Where wood is being chopped, shavings fly.
Where you are not -- there is happiness.
Where you are, Gaius, there I, Gaia, will be.' (This is said to have been a nuptial formula, but it is only known from Greek sources.).
Where you cannot climb over, you must creep under.
Where you lose nothing, you always win something.
Where you lost your cloak, seek it.
Where you saw wood, there the sawdust will fall.
Where you smart there I will hit you.
Where you tell your secret you surrender your freedom.
Where you think there is bacon, there are not even hooks for it.
Where you were a page, be not an esquire.
Where you were born is less important than how you live.

Wherein have I erred? What have I done?.
Wherever man goes to dwell his character goes with him.
Wherever the head goes, the tail will follow.
Wherever the ram goes the sheep will follow.
Wherever there's bread, stay there.
Wherever there's cheese, work there.
Wherever you are, do as you see done.
Wherever you go, an okka is four hundred dirhem.
Wherever you go, habit follows.
Wherever you go, you can't get rid of yourself.
Wherever you may be, do as you see done.
Wherries must not put out to sea.
Whether he will or no.
Whether it will go into clay or charcoal.
Whether you boil snow or pound it you can have but water of it.
Whether you hit an owl with a stump, or a stump with an owl(, it's the owl who will suffer).
Whether you ignore a pig, or worship that pig from afar, to the pig it's all the same.
Which cat does not gorge a mouse?.
While a person gets they can never lose.
While avoiding the smoke I have fallen into the flame.
While between two stools my tail go to the ground.
While doctors consult, the patient dies.
While he had been sinking, he promised me an axe if I save him, but when pulled ashore, he gruged even an axe handle.
While keeping a tiger from the front door, the wolf comes in at the back.
While life is, hope is. / While there is life, there is hope.
While life lasts let us enjoy it.
While the cat's away the mice will play.
While the doctors consult, the patient dies.
While the dogs yelp, the hare flies to the wood.
While the grass grows, the steed starves.
While the grass is growing the mare dies.
While the great bells are ringing no one hears the little ones.
While the horse starves, the grass grows.
While the pot boils, friendship blooms.
While the sheep bleats it loses its mouthful.
While the stick comes and goes the back is at rest.
While the sun is still up, let people work that the earth may live.
While there is life there is hope.
While there's life there's hope.
While there's life, there's hope.
While they are reading the Bible to the wolf, it says: hurry up, my flock is leaving.
While two men argue, the third one rejoices.
While we consider when to begin, it becomes too late.
While we discuss matters, the opportunity passes by.
While we draw we are drawn. Mutual attraction.].
While we live, let us live!.
While we pursue happiness, we flee from contentment.
While we would catch we are caught.
While wrangling over a quarter of pig, you can lose a flock of sheep.
While yearning for excess we lose the necessities.
While you were chirping with vernal giddiness, didn't you think of brumal harshness?.
Whilst childhood the rod has to be bended.
Whilst doing one learns.
Whilst kicking and biting, love develops.
Whilst standing he holds one opinion, whilst sitting another.
Whip the saddle and give the mule something to think about it.
White flowers are not to be found in a coal sack.
White hands are no offence.
White meal is not got out of a coal-sack.
Whither goest thou, Misfortune? To where there is more.
Whither goest thou, sorrow? Whither I am used to go.

Whither shall the ox go, where he will not have to plough?.
Who God does not teach, man cannot.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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