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Proverbs Starting with letter M - part 2
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Marrying is easy, but housekeeping is hard.
Marrying is easy, it's housework that's hard.
Martha sings well when she has had her fill.

Masha is good, but she's not ours.
Master and servant -- both have the same body odor.
Masters who sacrifice for servants will receive the gift of loyalty.
Masters' hints are commands.
Mastiff never liked greyhound.
Maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of opinion.
Maturity comes from wisdom not in the passing of years.
Maturity consists of no longer being taken in by oneself.
May God bless you to live as long as you want to; and want to as long as you live!.
May God not so prosper our friends that they forget us.
May and December never agree.
May chickens come cheeping.
May it end with threats and not come to blows.
May makes everything new.
May the earth rest lightly on you' — a benediction for the dead, often inscribed on tombstones or other s.
May the horse live!.
May this not be an omen.
May you have a bright future -- as the chimney sweep said to his son.
May you have a lawsuit in which you know you are in the right.
May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart.
May you live to be a hundred -- and decide then rest for yourself.
May your friendship not be like a stone: if it breaks you cannot put the pieces together. May it be like iron: when it breaks, you can weld the pieces back together.
Maybe and somehow won't make any good.
Maybe it will be, maybe it will not.
Maybe s/he wanted to throw herself/himself in the well, would you follow?.
Mean fathers, wasteful sons.
Meaner than a junk-yard dog.
Meaningless laughter is a sign of ill-breeding.
Meanness looks through one eye only, ambition is blind.
Measles, measleslets, seven times come to the skin.
Measure a thousand times and cut once.
Measure a thousand times, cut once.
Measure seven times, cut once.
Measure the corn of others with your own bushel.
Measure three times and cut once.
Measure three times before you cut once.
Measure thrice before you cut once.

Measure thrice, cut once.
Measure twice, cut once.
Measure your guilt, then stretch your legs.
Measure your throat before you swallow a bone.
Meat and mass never hindered man.
Meat does not eat meat.
Meat that the cat brings in never gets to your plate.
Meddle not in what you don't understand.
Meddle with dirt and some of it will stick to you.
Medicine can only cure curable disease, and then not always.
Medicine can only cure curable diseases, and then not always.
Medicine cures the man who is fated not to die.
Medicine is nothing without Latin.
Medicine is the noblest of all arts.
Medicine left in the bottle can't help.
Mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating.
Meekness is the pride of the humble.
Meet on the stairs and you won't meet in heaven.
Meikle crack fills nae sack.
Melons and women are known by their asses.
Memory is everyone's friend -- it leaves you when you need it most.
Memory is life's clock.
Memory slips, letters remain.
Men after the modern fashion, and asses after the ancient.
Men and women are never placed too far apart to be near.
Men and women sleep on the same pillow, but they have different dreams.
Men apt to promise are apt to forget.
Men are as old as they feel, women as old as they look.
Men are as old as they fell, and women as they look.
Men are blind in their own cause.
Men are bound by words, bulls' horns by ropes.
Men are just as God made them -- and a little worse.
Men are like bagpipes: no sound comes from them till they're full.
Men are rare.
Men aren't measured with a hand's length.
Men believe what they want to.
Men can acquire knowledge, but not wisdom. Some of the greatest fools ever known were learned men.
Men can bear all things except good days.
Men count up the faults of those who keep them waiting.
Men dig their graves with their teeth.
Men don't build on strange ground.
Men don't die of threats.
Men eat fish -- thanks to the sauce.
Men fated to be happy need not haste.
Men fear danger, women only the sight of it.
Men fear, but time fears the pyramids.
Men go not laughing to heaven.
Men have thought about their marriage a whole year long -- and it lasts but one night.
Men in office must work hard.

Men in the game are blind to what men looking on see clearly.
Men know not all their faults, oxen all their strength.
Men laugh with their heart, women only with their mouth.
Men learn little from success, but much from failure.
Men look more like their uncles on the mother's side.
Men made money; money never made men.
Men make laws; women make morals.
Men make the earth black from green leaves.
Men make wealth, and women preserve it.
Men must sail while the wind serveth.
Men must sew up tears with gentleness.
Men never moan over the opportunities lost to do good, only the opportunities to be bad.
Men prefer the wife of another but love their own sons more.
Men prone to tears are good.
Men see more of the business of others than of their own.
Men see only the present; heaven sees the future.
Men seek less to be instructed than applauded.
Men that crawl, never fall.
Men that have much business must have much pardon.
Men were born with bread in their hands women were born with empty hands.
Men who have lost heart never yet won a trophy.
Men who have no religion, no honour.
Men who watch their fortune grow find their houses too small.
Men will always lose the battle against cholera and bureaucracy.
Men will give away their last shirt to become millionaires.
Men will love each other as long as one is richer than the other.
Men will not be fortunate without a helping hand from misfortune.
Men will only throw stones at trees that are laden with fruit.
Men wishes(dreams), but god decides.
Men worship the rising, not the setting sun.
Men would not be richer for being miserly; generosity does not make a man poorer.
Men's ignorance makes the pot boil for priests.
Men's skins have many colors, but human blood is always red.
Mention not a rope in the house of one whose father was hanged.
Meowing cats catch fewer mice.
Merchant to-day, beggar to-morrow.
Merchant's goods are ebb and flood.
Mercy of an Uzbek; torture of an Afghan.
Mere intentions are not to be esteemed as actions.
Mere words do not feed the friars.
Merit and glory never adorn a nightcap.
Merit consists in action.
Merit is often an obstacle to fortune; the reason is it produces two bad effects, envy and fear.
Merit is often belied by the countenance.
Mettle is dangerous in a blind horse.
Mewing cats catch no mice.
Mice always return to their own little holes.
Mice care not to play with kittens.
Mice play around, when they don't smell the cat.

Michael is quits; he lost a ducat and gained a rabbit.
Michael, Michael, you have no bees, and yet you sell honey!.
Midday sun is the remedy for a cold.
Midsummer night is not long but it sets many cradles rocking.
Might and courage require wit in their suite.
Might have gone further and have fared worse.
Might is always right.
Might is not right.
Might is right.
Might knows no right.
Might makes right.
Might overcomes right.
Miguel, Miguel, you have no bees, and yet sell honey.
Mildness governs more than anger.
Milk for a child, meat for a man, beer for the old.
Milk the cow that standeth still.
Milk the cow, but do not pull off the udder.
Milk the cow, but don't pull off the udder.
Millers and bakers do not steal, people bring to them.
Mills and wives are ever wanting.
Mind over matter.
Mind your P's and Q's.
Mind your own business.
Mind your p's and q's.
Mine and thine are the sources of all quarrels.
Mirrors do everything we do, but they cannot think for themselves.
Mirrors were not made for the blind.
Mischief comes soon enough.
Misers' money goes twice to market.
Misery does not arrive alone.
Misery loves company.
Misfortune comes on horseback and goes away on foot.
Misfortune does not restrict his visits to one day.
Misfortune does not visit the weak-hearted.
Misfortune is easier to bear if you share it with many others.
Misfortune is not that which can be avoided, but that which cannot.
Misfortune never comes alone.
Misfortune seldom comes alone to the house.
Misfortune sits on a rich man's lap but grabs the throat of the pauper.
Misfortune upon misfortune is not wholesome.
Misfortune, wood, and hair, grow throughout the year.
Misfortunes are, in morals, what bitters are in medicine: each is at first disagreeable; but as the bitters act as corroborants to the stomach, so adversity chastens and ameliorates the disposition.
Misfortunes come on horseback and depart on foot.
Misfortunes make friends.
Misfortunes make happiness more sweet when it comes.
Misfortunes make strange bedfellows.
Misfortunes never come single.
Misfortunes never come singly.
Misfortunes that can't be avoided must be sweetened.

Misfortunes, when asleep, are not to be awakened.
Misreckoning is no payment.
Missing the wood for the trees.
Mistakes are to be pardoned.
Mistranslation: 'Romans go home.
Mistrust before you trust.
Mistrust is an axe in the tree of love.
Mistrust is the mother of certainty.
Mix with your neighbors, and you learn what's doing in your own house.
Mock not the fallen, for slippery is the road ahead of you.
Mock the palm tree only when the date harvest is over.
Mockery is the flashing of slander.
Mocking is catching.
Moderate measures succeed best.
Moderate profits fill the purse.
Moderation in all things.
Moderation is everything.
Modesty is an adornment, but you come further without it.
Modesty is the beauty of women.
Modesty is the highest form of arrogance.
Modesty may be a grace; forget it if you want to win the race.
Mollah is sick when the poor is dying.
Monday is the key day of the week.
Money advances meacocks.
Money and friendship break the arms of justice.
Money and the devil know no rest.
Money begets money.
Money begets money, and fleas beget fleas.
Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.
Money burns many.
Money buys cherries.
Money buys everything but good sense.
Money can build roads in the sea.
Money can buy a lot that is not even for sale.
Money can't buy everything, but everything needs money.
Money can't buy happiness.
Money cannot buy happiness.
Money comes to money.
Money does not smell.' (Remark by on the plan to tax public urinals.).
Money doesn't bring happiness.
Money doesn't bring happiness, but it does help a lot to it.
Money doesn't grow on trees.
Money doesn't sprout on trees.
Money for old rope.
Money gets money.
Money goes to peacocks.
Money grows on the tree of persistence.
Money has no ears but it hears; no legs but it walks.
Money has no smell.
Money hides in the tiger's ear.
Money in the purse dispels melancholy.
Money is a good servant but a bad master.
Money is a good servant but a had master.
Money is an epitome of human power.
Money is better than my lord's letter.
Money is flat and meant to be piled up.
Money is like a guest: it comes today, leaves tomorrow.
Money is like down -- one puff and it's gone.
Money is lost only for want of money.
Money is meant to be spent.
Money is money (wherever it comes from).

Money is money's brother.
Money is more eloquent than twelve members of parliament.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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