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Proverbs Starting with letter H - part 2
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He drives out one devil by another.
He earns a farthing and has a penn'orth of thirst.
He either wheedles by suasive means or terrifies by threats.

He escaped the thief, and fell in fortune-teller's trap.
He even begrudges the water with which he washes.
He expects that larks will fall ready roasted into his mouth.
He expects to find water at the first stroke of the spade.
He falls into the pit which he himself made.
He falls into the pit who leads another into it.
He falls on his back and breaks his nose.
He falsifies who renders a verse just as it looks.
He fasted for a whole year and then broke his fast with an onion.
He fears neither the earthquake nor the fury of the waves.
He fears the sack who has been in it.
He fears the very flies.
He feels like a cat in an strange warehouse.
He feigns death like a panther.
He fell to-day, I may fall to-morrow.
He fell with his nose in the butter.
He fishes on who catches one.
He fishes well who uses a golden hook.
He flays enough who holds the foot.
He fled from the rain and sat down under the waterspout.
He flourishes by hereditary renown.
He forgets himself.
He forgot nothing except to say farewell.
He gains a great deal who loses a vain hope.
He gains enough who loses sorrow.
He gains much who loses a vain hope.
He gapes like a clown at a fair.
He gathers up ashes and scatters flour.
He gets his passage for nothing and then winks at the captain's wife.
He gets his wisdom cheaply who gets it at another's cost.
He gets wind in his sails who waits, and harbour who rows.
He getteth a great deal of credit, who payeth but a small debt.
He gives a party with bath-water.
He gives him roast meat and beats him with the spit.
He gives neither too little, nor too much.
He gives too late who waits to be asked.
He gives twice who gives in a trice.

He gives twice who gives promptly.
He giveth twice who giveth in a trice.
He goes about it like a cat round hot milk.
He goes as willingly as a thief to the gallows.
He goes beyond the bounds.
He goes not out of his way that goes to a good inn.
He goes safely to trial whose father is a judge.
He goes safely who has nothing.
He got out of the mud and fell into the river.
He had need rise betimes who would please everybody.
He had need rise early who would please everybody.
He has a good pledge of the cat who has her skin.
He has a head, and so has a pin.
He has a ton of knowledge, but the bottom is out.
He has a wolf-conscience.
He has beans in his ears.
He has been gone for long and must once return.' Tertullianus.
He has command of the sack who is seated on it.
He has eaten his corn in the blade.
He has eaten so many snakes that he has become a viper.
He has enough to do who holds the handle of a frying-pan.
He has enough who is content.
He has eyes in the back of his head.
He has fallen off the donkey, but has found a date.
He has gained every point who has mixed the useful and the agreeable.
He has given the hen for the egg.
He has great need of a fool who makes himself one.
He has hard work who has nothing to do.
He has him under his thumb.
He has his finger in every pie.
He has his own brain, he can solve his own problems.
He has left no means untried.
He has lost the horse, yet, he's looking for the horseshoe.
He has lost the nest-egg.
He has much to do who would please everybody.
He has not done who is beginning.
He has not leisure even to scratch his ears.
He has nothing who has not enough.
He has nothing who is not content with what he has.
He has nothing, for whom nothing is enough.
He has put all his eggs into one basket.
He has seen the wolf.
He has sold the sun to buy a candle.
He has sprung up like a mushroom.
He has tasted of the lotus.
He has the Bible on his lips, but not in his heart.
He has the greatest blind side who thinks he has none.
He has too many lice to feel an itch.
He hath lived ill that knows not how to die well.

He hauls at a long rope who expects another's death.
He heed have plenty of meal who would stop every man's mouth.
He helps little that helps not himself.
He hit me, started to cry, and went straight to the judge to sue me.
He howls with the wolves, and bleats with the sheep.
He invites future injuries who rewards past ones.
He invokes heaven if a flea bites him.
He is a bad shot who cannot find an excuse.
He is a bad smith who cannot bear smoke.
He is a bad workman who cannot talk of work.
He is a fool that kisseth the maid when he may kiss the mistress.
He is a fool who does not know from what quarter the wind blows.
He is a fool who loses the flight for the leap.
He is a fool who makes a mallet of his fist.
He is a fool who makes his physician his heir.
He is a fool who thinks that another does not think.
He is a fool whose sheep runs away twice.
He is a friend when you sneeze -- all he says is 'God bless you.'.
He is a good dog who goes to church.
He is a great fool who forgets himself.
He is a great simpleton who starves himself to feed another.
He is a horse with four white feet (i.e., he is unlucky).
He is a man as a book.
He is a man, who acts like a man.
He is a poor Smith who is afraid of sparks.
He is a sorry barber who has but one comb.
He is a thief indeed who robs a thief.
He is a very sorry barber who has but one comb.
He is a wise man who accommodates himself to all circumstances.
He is always right who suspects that he is always wrong.
He is always right who suspects that he makes mistakes.
He is an aristocrat in folio.
He is an essence of scoundrels.
He is an old saint, any may leave it in the hands of God.
He is as easily caught as a hare with drums.
He is as good a divine as Judas was an apostle.
He is as poor as Job.
He is as sharp as a leaden dagger.
He is blind enough who cannot see through a sieve.
He is brave when fighting against sheep, and when fighting against a brave man he's a sheep himself.
He is but a poor husbandman, who sows in sand.
He is called clever who cheats and plunders his friend.
He is caught in his own snare.
He is circling around it like a cat around the hot porridge.
He is consumed by a vain hope.
He is easy to lure, who is ready to follow.
He is full of sweet faults.
He is great whose faults can be numbered.
He is guilty who is not at home.

He is his own enemy.
He is his own trumpeter.
He is hunting for water in the sea.
He is in no place who is everywhere.
He is in safety who rings the tocsin.
He is in search of a ram with five feet.
He is indeed a conqueror who conquers himself.
He is lifeless that is faultless.
He is like a cat, he always falls on his feet.
He is like a singed cat, better than he looks.
He is little suited to be a baker, whose head is made of butter.
He is looking out for a fig. He is planning for himself.].
He is lucky who forgets what cannot be mended.
He is lucky who helps everyone he can.' or, very differently, 'He is lucky the one who gets an advantage from those on which he has some power.' (???).
He is master of another man's life who is indifferent to his own.
He is miserable indeed that must lock up his miseries.
He is most cheated who cheats himself.
He is most likely to spill who holds the vessel in his hand.
He is my friend that grindeth at my mill.
He is my friend that succoureth me, not he that pitieth me.
He is my friend who grinds at my mill.
He is nearest a thing, who has it in his hands.
He is nearest to God who has the fewest wants.
He is no friend that eats his own by himself, and mine with me.
He is no great heir that inherits not his ancestor's virtues.
He is no merchant who always gains.
He is no small knave who knows a great one.
He is noble who performs noble deeds.
He is nobody's enemy but his own.
He is not a bad driver who knows how to turn.
He is not a good mason who refuses any stone.
He is not a man who cannot say no.
He is not a wise man who cannot play the fool on occasions.
He is not afraid of his own shadow.
He is not escaped who drags his chain.
He is not fat -- it is his belt that doesn't fit.
He is not free who drags his chain after him.
He is not happy who does not realize his happiness.
He is not happy who knows it not.
He is not honest who has burned his tongue and does not tell the company the soup is hot.
He is not poor that hath not much, but he that craves much.
He is not so much of a devil as he is black.
He is not yet born who can please everybody.
He is out of danger who rings the alarm-bell.
He is past preaching to who does not care to do well.
He is rich enough who does not want.
He is rich enough who is contented.
He is rich enough who owes nothing.
He is rich that is satisfied.

He is rich who is satisfied.
He is rich who knows when he has enough.
He is rich who owes nothing.
He is separated from the water by a plank.
He is so wise that he goes upon the ice three days before it freezes.
He is still alive because he cannot afford a funeral.
He is the architect of his own fortunes.
He is the best gentleman, who is the son of his own deserts.
He is the devil's valet, he does more that he is ordered.
He is the more obstinate for being advised.
He is the most Unfortunate who's today is not better than yesterday.
He is the wisest man who does not think himself so.
He is too idle to fetch his breath.
He is too stupid to be trusted alone by the fire.
He is truly hungry who accepts defeat in a fight over meat.
He is unworthy of life who gives no life to another.
He is very blind who cannot see the sun.
He is washing the crow.
He is wise to no purpose, who is not wise for himself.
He is wise who learns at another's cost.
He is wise, who suits himself to the occasion.
He is your friend who gets you out of a fray.
He is your friend who gets you out of a scrape.
He keeps his road well enough who gets rid of bad company.
He keeps his word, as the sun keeps butter.
He keeps hitting her end the female donkey keeps pissing backwards.
He knocks boldly at the door who brings a welcome message.
He knocks boldly at the door who brings good news.
He knows best where the shoe pinches who wears it.
He knows enough who knows how to live and keep his own counsel.
He knows it as well as his Lord's Prayer.
He knows the roads by which he has escaped before.
He knows the water best who has waded through it.
He knows well where the thorn pricks him.
He knows where the devil carries his tail.
He knows where the devil has his tail.
He labors vainly, who endeavors to please every person.
He labours in vain who attempts to please everybody.
He lacks not comfort who enjoys a contended mind.
He laughs at scars who never felt a wound.
He laughs best who laughs last.
He laughs ill that laughs himself to death.
He laughs well who laughs last.
He lays his eggs beside his nest.
He left us and we rejoiced; then an even more unbearable person came.
He lies like a toothdrawer.
He lives in the land of promise.
He lives long who lives well.
He lives well who lives unnoticed.
He looks for his mule and sits on its back.
He looks one way and rows another.
He lords it (or swaggers) like an eel in a tub.
He loses his market who has nothing to sell.
He loses his thanks who promises and delays.
He loses least in a quarrel who keeps his tongue in cheek.
He loves me as the devil loves holy water.
He loves well who does not forget.
He loves well who never forgets.
He makes a lion of a mouse.
He makes his home where the living is best.
He makes idle boasting.

He makes the bed soft, yet it's hard to sleep on.
He makes the water muddy to fish.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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