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Proverbs Starting with letter H - part 8
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He who travels to Portugal loses his seat.
He who travels with hope, has poverty for his coachman.
He who treads on eggs, must tread lightly.

He who treads the path of love walks a thousand meters as if it were only one.
He who tries a bit of everything accomplishes much of nothing.
He who trifles with his enemy dies by his hand.
He who trips and falls should not blame his foot.
He who trusts is happy; the doubter is wise.
He who turns aside avoids danger.
He who undertakes to be his own teacher has a fool for a pupil.
He who undertakes too much seldom succeeds.
He who upsets something should know how to put it back again.
He who uses bad incense must be careful not to burn his sleeves.
He who waits for another's platter has a cold meal.
He who waits for dead men's shoes, may have to go long barefoot.
He who waits for the moon waits for darkness.
He who waits shall live to see.
He who waits till an opportunity occurs may wait for ever.
He who wakes up early, catches two fortunes.
He who walks alone shall surely arrive first.
He who walks through a field of onions, will smell like an onion.
He who walks with the lame learns how to limp.
He who walks with the limper learns to limp.
He who want a rose must respect the thorn.
He who wants a fire must be able to bear smoke.
He who wants a mule without fault must walk on foot.
He who wants a new world must first buy the old.
He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.
He who wants content can't find an easy chair.
He who wants fish, get his mule wet.
He who wants fruit should not pick flowers.
He who wants his dog killed has only to say he's mad.
He who wants meat, has to eat also the bones.
He who wants pearls has to dive into the sea.
He who wants something will pay for it with his hat.
He who wants the heavens must pay.
He who wants the rose must respect the thorn.
He who wants to barter, usually knows what is best for him.
He who wants to be a dragon must eat many little snakes.
He who wants to be famous will have many a sleepless night.

He who wants to be happy must stay at home.
He who wants to be rich in a year is hanged at six months' end.
He who wants to beat the dog will always be able to find the stick.
He who wants to bring home the riches of India, he must have them within himself.
He who wants to build high must dig deep.
He who wants to catch fish must not mind a wetting.
He who wants to catch foxes must hunt with geese.
He who wants to conquer lechery must flee from it.
He who wants to do a good jump must sometimes take a step back.
He who wants to eat honey should endure the stings.
He who wants to go fishing must not be afraid of the water.
He who wants to jump high must take a long run.
He who wants to kill a dog says that he has urinated against the mosque.
He who wants to kill his dog only has to say he is mad.
He who wants to sell his honor will always find a buyer.
He who wants to talk with the dogs must learn to bark.
He who wants to tell the truth will always stand before closed doors.
He who wants to travel far takes care of his beast.
He who wants too much doesn't catch anything.
He who wants what God wants of him will lead a free and happy life.
He who warns you is a friend.
He who was born for a small loaf, will never own a big one.
He who was born to pennies, will never be master of dollars.
He who was first an acolyte, and afterwards an abbot or curate, knows what the boys do behind the altar.
He who was presented with an ox must give in return a horse.
He who wears a smile instead of worrying is always the strongest.
He who wears too fine clothes, shall go about in rags.
He who whispers, lies.
He who will have eggs, must bear with the cackling.
He who will not obey father, will have to obey stepfather.
He who will not prosper in his sleep will not prosper when awake.
He who will not serve one master must needs serve many.
He who wills the end wills the means.
He who wills the end, wills the means.
He who wipes the child's nose, means to kiss the mother's cheek.
He who wishes to barter, does not like his belongings.
He who wishes to give little shouldn't ask for much.
He who wishes to live at Rome must not quarrel with the pope.
He who wishes to ride far spares his horse.
He who won't be advised, can't be helped.
He who won't be ruled by the rudder must be ruled by the rock.
He who works as a slave, eats as a king.
He who works by himself does the work of three (people).
He who works has much; he who saves, still more.
He who works on the highway will have many advisers.
He who would be everywhere will be nowhere.
He who would be long an old man must begin betimes.
He who would be rich in a year gets hanged in six months.
He who would be rich should not collect money, but reduce his needs.

He who would catch a rogue must watch behind the door.
He who would catch fish must not mind wetting himself.
He who would catch fish, must not mind getting wet.
He who would catch is caught.
He who would cheat a peasant, must take one with him.
He who would cheat the fox must rise early.
He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.
He who would eat the kernel, must crack the nut.
He who would enjoy the feast should fast on the eve.
He who would enjoy the fire must bear its smoke.
He who would enjoy the fruit must not spoil the blossoms.
He who would gather honey must brave the sting of bees.
He who would gather roses must not fear thorns.
He who would gather roses, must not fear thorns.
He who would hang himself is sure to find a rope.
He who would have clear water should go to the fountain head.
He who would have good cabbage, must pay its price.
He who would leap far must first take a long run.
He who would leap high must take a long run.
He who would make a fool of himself will find many to like him.
He who would make a golden door must add a nail to it daily.
He who would not go to hell, must not go to court.
He who would prosper in peace, must suffer in silence.
He who would relish his food must not see it cooked.
He who would rest must work.
He who would rule must hear and be deaf, see and be blind.
He who would save, should begin with the mouth.
He who would seek revenge must be on his own guard.
He who would serve everybody gets thanks from nobody.
He who would steal honey, must not be afraid of bees.
He who would take must give.
He who would the daughter win, with the mother must begin.
He who would visit a vice, never has far to travel.
He who writes love letters must have clammy hands.
He who wrongs someone has to expect something in retaliation.
He who's late won't get the grub.
He whom the shoe fits puts it on.
He whom the shoe fits should put it on.
He whose clothes are too fine, shall go about in rags.
He whose heart is aroused by love will never die.
He whose mistress squints, says the ogles.
He whose mother is naked is not likely to clothe his aunt.
He will die before he's old who's wise before his time.
He will never get into the wood who starts at every bush.
He will not lose his oats for want of braying.
He will not lost the parings of his nails.
He won't give us so much as the skin.
He would be a good one to send for death.
He would be wise who knew all things beforehand.

He would bite a cent in two.
He would break his neck against a straw.
He would drown in a spoonful of water.
He would not give the devil a knife to cut his throat.
He would rather have a bumper in hand than a Bible.
He would sell even his share of the sun.
He would skin a flint.
He would slaughter a bug to drink its blood.
He wriggles like an ell.
He! He! He! You begin with the meal before the water is boiling!.
He'd skin a louse, and send the hide and fat to market.
He'll laugh well that laughs longest.
He'll swear through an inch board.
He's a fool that's fond.
He's a wise man that leads passion by the bridle.
He's an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.
He's looking for the donkey while sitting on it.
He's not crazy, he who eats the pastry, crazy is the one who gave it to him.
He, who denies his faults, makes no atonement for them.
He, who is free of faults, will never die.
He, who kennels with wolves, must howl.
He, who neglects the little, loses the greater.
He, who shareth honey with the bear, hath the least part of it.
He, withoout a back will be hit on the stomeck.
He/She is staring like a calf at the painted gate.
He/She is sweet like a flower, but when bad days approach like rain, the sweetness withers away and turns into rage.
He/She sleeps with children, wakes up with their pee.
He/She who does it, pays it.
He/She who follows it, gets it.
He/She who had something, retains it.
He/She(whom-ever) sleeps with kids wakes up with their piss.
He/she thinks he/she is the last Coke in the desert.
Health is better than wealth.
Health is wealth.
Health leaves you in poods, but comes in zolotniks.
Health without money is a half-malady.
Health? Very nice! But where will we get potatoes?.
Hear all, say nothing.
Hear both sides of a question.
Hear first, and speak afterwards.
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Hear one man before you answer; hear several before you decide.
Hear the other side and believe little.
Hear the other side, and believe little.
Hear, see, and be silent.
Hear, see, and say nothing if you would live in peace.
Hear, see, be silent, if you wish to live (in peace).' Roman proverb, according to https://www.daltai.com/proverbs/weeks/week120.htm this.
Hearing isn't seeing.
Hearsay is half lies.

Heart with pepper, soul with garlic.
Hearts do not meet one another like roads.
Hearts, like thieves, never give back lost things.
Heaven and earth shall never meet.
Heaven and hell can both be found on earth.
Heaven dries what it has made wet.
Heaven has a road, but no one travels it; Hell has no gate but men will dig to get there.
Heaven is at the feet of mothers.
Heaven is dark and yet out of it streams clear water.
Heaven on earth is to be found on horseback, reading books and between a woman's breasts.
Heaven preserve me from my friends!.
Heaven protects children, sailors, and drunken men.
Heaven was inspired by the first judge to take a bribe.
Heavenly music is interpreted differently by everyone.
Heaviness may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Heavy purses and light hearts can sustain much.
Hedgehogs are not to be killed with the fist.
Hedges between keep friendships green.
Hedges have no eyes, but they have ears.
Hell and Chancery are always open.
Hell and the courtroom are always open.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
Hell is crowded with ungrateful wretches.
Hell is full of good intentions.
Hell is full of the ungrateful.
Hell is paved with good intentions, roofed in with lost opportunities.
Hell itself can be no worse than the road that leads to it.
Hell shared with a sage is better than paradise with a fool.
Hell's roof is made from lost causes.
Help by actions, not by words.
Help from abroad always comes when the rain has stopped.
Help him who is willing to work, not him who shrinks from it.
Help is good everywhere, except in the porridge-bowl.
Help the lame dog over the stile.
Help the poor one for your own shame.
Help thyself and heaven will help thee.
Help you to salt, help you to sorrow.
Help yourself and God will help you.
Help yourself and God will help you also.
Help yourself and Heaven will help you.').
Help yourself, God will help you.).
Help yourself, and God will help you.
Help yourself, and be loved by others.
Helping yourself is the best way to help yourself.
Hens keep quiet when the rooster is around.
Hens like to lay when they see an egg.
Hens like to lay where they see an egg.
Hens perched on top will shit on those below.
Her father's fortune will make the ugliest girl attractive.
Hercules himself could not cope with two assailants.
Here I am, who did it' (Vergilius).
Here is Rhodos, jump here.' (referring to someone who bragged about jumping a long distance 'on Rhodos') in Greek: '?d?? ? ??d??, ?d?? ?a? t? p?d??a.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
Here you do it, here you pay for it.
Herod and Pilate are good friends!.
Heroism consists of hanging on one minute longer.
Herring in the land, the doctor at a stand.
Herrings are quite small to be served at christmas dinner.
Hew not too high, lest a chip fall in thine eye.
Hidden joy is an extinguished candle.
Hidden valour is as bad as cowardice.

Hidden virtues ring like a soft bell.
Hide not your light under a bushel.

These are Proverb Examples from around the world, some have been translated from their original language to english.

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