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Examples of movement in a fight

In a fight keep moving to your right. This will put your aggressor at a disadvantage.

  1. You are getting out of his attack line.
  2. Most probably you are moving away from his dominant side.
  3. You are giving him another element to deal with not just your punches but a moving target.

Punching and moving forward :

While in your fighting stance, lift your front leg forward and push with your back leg at the same time delivering a jab or a cross.

Turn the body while delivering the cross or the jab this will give you more power and more reach.

Put your shoulder in the punch as well. Follow through with more punches do not make one punch the one and only plan, have the next three moves in your head.

You should have at least one foot on the ground all the time, do not fly to the opponent.

Recall as fast as you can.

Send your shoulder forward.

Use your momentum.

This is a simultaneous moment. The moment should not be make a step and then punch. But the strike should be one continuous moment.

The recoil of the hand is done at the same time the punch is coming back.

You can use the same technique to punch and move forward from you stranding stance.

You are standing.

You step into your fighting stance while throwing your punch.

Fast recoil.

You can keep this movement by punching and moving forward.

Moving sideways and punching

To move side ways first move the leg in the direction you want to go. Then do a body defense (if you need to) followed by a punch

Moving back and punching

Jab and cross while retreating

Recall the punches as soon as you can.

Strike while moving back.

Use combinations not just one punch.

An important part of any fight is to scan 360 degrees if possible for other threats (f and f) (friends and family).