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Examples of choke releases

Choke from the front

A choke from the front occurs because you have allowed your aggressor to come close to you. Maybe you knew the attacker, or maybe the attacker gained your trust by talking to you first.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

Examples of Choke from the front:

The choke from the front defence depends a lot on your exclusivity and coordination. You have more strength than your opponents. Keep your hands to your neck when plucking to increase your leverage advantage. Step to the side and strike with the knee. To finish off.

Examples of Choke from behind

A choke from behind is when someone grabs your neck with both arms from the back. You have to react quickly and explosively. The attacker will probably want to drag you back or push you to the ground; he can also be holding you so his mates can attack you. Deal with the most imminent threat first. Sometimes this means you will have to get hit.

These two techniques are different, the first one requires more space, so cannot be performed in a small toilet.

Here you have to move your hands explosivley upwards, then pluck down, in the same motion move to the side to expose his centre. Keep hold of one hand and with the other strike the groin then elbow the chin, turn around to finish off with hammer fists.

Examples of Side choke defence

  1. Pluck (up and across)
  2. Lower body weight and straight to the groins
  3. Elbow to the face
  4. Continue as needed

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