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Examples of different striking methods with hands

There are many formations and shapes the hand can take in order to strike a vulnerable area. Experts can use these to hit specific targets. Example the old mans hand can strike at the base of the trachea with great effectivness. The crane beak can strike at the temple.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

Leopard claw.

Crane beak.

Dragon claw.

Snake head.

Tiger claw.

Knife hand.

Ridge hand.

Spear hand.

Extended knuckle (Nakadaka ken).

Extended knuckle (ippon ken).

However these 'gadgets' take a great time to master. There is no guarantee that in the heat of battle you will use them. You have been making fists in anger since you where a small child, use your instinct. One important thing to train is the heel of hand strike. The rule of thumb is any striking point above the jaw and chin line you have to use the heel of your hand or your fingers. Using your fist can damage your bone structure


Tip: The finger strike also give you those extra vital few cm of reach.

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