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Examples of fist fight

Fist fights last 10s of seconds. Forget the very long protracted kung fu style fights. If you have not started the fight you will have probably been hit before you have readied yourself. Every fight takes a time lime and in 99% of the cases this time line is the same.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk, this is for educational purposes only. This site does not encourage violence.

1. The threat displays itself.

This is where your situational awareness comes in. Have you noticed the man following you for the last ten minutes? Why did the two guys cross the road when they saw you? Why is this man asking you for directions and getting so close? How come this man has his hands in his pocket in the middle of summer? What is he hiding.

At this stage, you can take a lot of measures to deter the would be aggressors. You can look them in the eye and tell them you are aware. You can grab your pen as a self defense weapon. You can bring your mobile to your head as if you where speaking to someone and put the video recorder on (that shortcut now comes in handy). You can run away (if you are young and fast this is the most effective). Important : Where do you run to (towards closest police station, friend's house, your car, a busy bar) Nowhere to go start ringing all the bells in the street you will have a few people popping their heads. Scream, aggressors do not like noise.

2. The aggressor takes action.

Your are faced with an angry mugger. Best thing to do is comply, give him your wallet. Give him your car keys, however the aggressor could be after more. Are they trying to kidnap you, to undress you, to harm your loved ones? This is where you need to go into battle. The battle is 80% mental and 20% physical. It will last moments and someone will be going to the ground. It is either you or your aggressor. You have to bring all the aggressivity you can muster to the fight, the shorter the fight the less chance of someone getting very seriously injured. I cannot give you any advice what to do, fight or flight. You know yourself best, sometimes complying will get you killed sometimes not complying will get you killed.

3. Violence

The first punch mostly likely will be launched by the aggressor. He has the element of surprise. So your first move is probably a block or a retreat. An important concept you need to train is blocking and hitting at the same time.
You will get hit, but mentally your objective is to stop the aggressor from his action.

Examples of fist fight

If you can get away with giving one punch, disorienting the aggressor and running then please do. Staying in a fight more than you need to is risking injury to yourself and also very important is losing any claims of self defense. If the attacker is on the ground and you hit him that is not self defense any more. However if the aggressor launched a punch in your face and you block and punch back, for me that is self defense. The law in your country could be different. You also need to remember that the aggressor can sue you in a civil court and you would be surprised by some cases! Rule of thumb, avoid, evade fight escape!

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