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Examples of Buying Cheap Meat

Meat is an important part of almost every meal. Be it fried, breaded and grilled, we eat meat as a large part of our diet. Follow these simple tips to buy meat for cheap. Also check out our page on examples of cheap meat recipes.
  • Cook slowly at a low temperature.
  • For hamburgers, use chuck rather than ground beef.
  • Instead of a ribeye or tenderloin roast use a semi-boneless beef chuck roast.

  • Cut whole chickens at home to save money. You can get skinless and boneless breasts for $6 a pound, but whole chicken at $2 a pound.
  • For stews, buy top round and cut it into serving size portions yourself.
  • First sear round tip and chuck eye roast and then cook on low temperature.
  • Grill top blade steaks so that it comes out tender.
  • Buy Small quantity of meat and mix it with it with oatmeal or breadcrumbs.
  • Grind your own meat rather than buying ground beef.
  • Buy one big family size package instead of smaller packages.
  • Marinate meats to add flavor and tenderness.
  • Rib eye steaks strip or shell steaks, and T bone are good for grilling, broiling, and pan frying because they have both the strip and tenderloin steaks.
  • Top sirloin, tenderloin, standing rib roasts, and top rump roast are good for roasting.

  • Flank, top round, and sirloin steak are good for stir frying.
  • Use lean meats which are good source of proteins.
  • Make friends with the local butcher to get secrets on some great deals. The local butchers also give coupons for purchasing bulk packs.
  • Look out for meat markdowns. It is good to visit early and check your stores to see what good deals you can get.
  • Look out for big deals and stock up